Monday, September 7, 2009

Meerkats and the library

You may think that I am a bad mother when you read this post. Please try to overlook my shortcomings, if you are able. . .
Jessa and Spencer have never been to the library. (gasp) I will pause for you to take that in.


I know, I know, I should have taken them. BUT I just never got around to it. Plus, I will tell you I am not a good checker outer. Oh the pressure of return. I would much rather browse Amazon in my pajamas and anxiously await a box delivery, that I can also get from the mailman in my pajamas. In my defense, my children love bookstores and know the location of the closest one to every house we have ever had. And if I order something from Amazon, you know I order them something, too. AND we are all over Scholastic book orders at school. Seriously, they are always loaded down when the order comes in. Are you judging me less harshly?? They have plenty of books, I promise. There are three bookshelves in the playroom - all full. AND their headboards are bookcases full of books. Seriously.

Woah, my rationalization and justification have taken over, huh? Mommy guilt is tough. . .

Anyway. One afternoon, I was waiting patiently in the approved place on the porch and saw my sweet girl come bounding across the street. She was so excited and couldn't wait to tell me about her day. She was so proud because she got to go to the library. Yep, public school has provided my daughter with this experience, even if I never did. ; )

She really was excited. She was by far the last kid off the bus, and it was because she was reading her book on the way home! We had to sit down on the floor just inside the front door for her to take her book out and show it off immediately.

It is a brand new book to the library and Jessa Lynn was the first person to ever check it out. What an honor!

As you can see, it is about Meerkats. I never even knew that she was interested in Meerkats! She was upset because a little girl on the bus told her that it was not a Meerkat - Jessa was disgusted with this poor child's ignorance. She was beside herself. The only hang up was that she said she was only allowed to keep it for one day. The due date says the 9th, but she swears she had to bring it back the next day. So, she had to soak it all in.

She even had to read through it one more time before she headed to the bus stop!
I am so proud of my girl: first Kindergarten, the bus, and now the library.
There is no stopping her!

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Life is good! said...

i hate the stress library due dates puts on a mother. it can possibly be much pricier than buying the darn books if the due date is ignored! we have enough dates to remember, so i say heck ya go ahead and amazon!