Monday, September 14, 2009

Bus Stop Politics

So maybe I am not actually allowed at the bus stop. My chair on the approved front porch does allow me a great view, and I can even hear lots of things that are being said. My vantage point may reveal more than I would otherwise know. I am sure they would all be a little different with an old Mommy hanging around, right??
So the funniest thing I have noticed thus far is the lining up. Apparently it is VERY important to some children that they are in line first. The first few days, Jessa did not get the lining up thing. She would just clump up and some of her older, bus riding veteran friends would let her in with them.
The gals who are really into being first have a little plan. They watch until the middle school bus is gone. Then they hurry to the bus stop and put their backpacks down at the spot where they all line up. Thus saving them the place that they want - #1 in line. Sometimes they even go back home for a few minutes, relaxing in the knowledge that they will be able to step into their rightful place.
The oldest one will even distract the younger kids so that she can be first, if she is not already. It tickles me to death! They are so funny. Well, one morning this week, the first in line girls were late. This thrilled a little boy who immediately claimed the coveted first spot in line. He claimed it with his backpack. He then sat down and played some cards. Jessa got out there shortly after him. She placed her backpack in line behind the little boy's backpack. She then sat down and played a really fun card game with the boy. Even though I was all the way across the street, I know the game was fun because Jessa was laughing SO loudly.
You can see Jessa and the first in line backpack boy playing this FUN game on the bench.
You can also see the unhappy other children who were not first.
After a few minutes, the bus did come. And even though I am sure it was difficult, the other kiddos at the bus stop honored the sacred code of the bus stop: the backpack line place holder.
And Jessa was the second one on the bus. But I think the one who was the happiest was the first boy. What a coup! Could the delicate balance of the bus stop be in jeopardy? I will keep an eye on developments from my nest, safely on the front porch, all the way across the street.

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Carrie said...

Isn't that funny how early politicing starts :) How interesting that there is an unspoken code.