Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mr. Rogers Eat Your Heart Out

Each year before school starts, I buy each child at least one lightweight sweater/jacket. Sometimes the school is chilly, and usually the fall brings cool mornings and warm afternoons. A small sweater is usually perfect for on the way to school without them being saddled with a big jacket to haul around.

This year, at Target, I got Jessa the usual white cardigan. She wears a sweater a lot. We call her "grandma" because she reminds us of a little old lady always with a sweater on and a blanket on her legs.

We headed to the boys area to find something for Spence. It is always harder because the people who make boys clothes think that all boys need to have a picture or a sports number or a clever saying on everything. I am one Mom who does not want her boy to have "Varsity" or a football on every item he owns (or any item, for that matter). The day we were shopping I was pleased because there was a plain gray sweater with a few tasteful red stripes on it. It had a zipper and seemed perfect. But I was afraid he would balk at the sweater when I tried to put it on him for school, so I also grabbed a light weight sweatshirt type jacket, too. And I was shocked that it had the number "01" on it. Super.

The first cool morning, I gave him a choice. He chose the sweater. I was shocked and pleased. Well, that was all she wrote. He is all about his sweater. He loves it. He wears it when it is not even cold. He wears it when it is downright hot. He cracks me up. And he does look a little like Fred Rogers.
The perfect addition to any outfit- even shorts!
It even compliments Spongbob Pajama's quite nicely.
On his way to school, wearing his "power sweater."

Some mornings, he really does need it. But by 11:30 when I go and get him, it is usually pretty hot. But as we walk out the door, he hands me his backpack to hold so he can put on the sweater. I always say,"Buddy, it's warmed up out there." And he always replies, "Well, maybe it is not warm out there to me."

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kate said...

Oh my goodness, Dana, that is the cutest sweater ever!! I love it. He's so cute.