Thursday, October 15, 2009

Field Trip

Last weekend, we had the bliss of a husband and daddy home all weekend. Actually more than all weekend - he was home from Wednesday until Tuesday. A few days of leave, a weekend, and a holiday. Yes, please!
On Sunday, Spencer wanted to show all of us his new park. See, a few weeks ago when Jessa was home with the flu, Spencer's class had a field trip. In preschool, you do not go on the field trip unless you have a parent accompany you. So I dutifully e-mailed his teacher to tell her he was not going to be able to make it. She called me the day of the field trip at 7:45 in the morning to tell me that she would be happy to be responsible for him so he would not miss all the fun. Of course, we accepted and Spencer got to experience a new park. Well, he calls the park "field trip" and don't challenge him on that. Yes, I cried all the way home because I was so so touched at his precious teacher.

He was anxious to show off this find to all of us. It was fun. We enjoyed it a lot. The kids were hysterical because Spencer was the "expert." Every time we would come to a cross roads, Jessa would ask him which way to go. Now, this child had no clue where they went. I mean, it is trails. And trees. And leaves. I was sure that he was clueless when we stopped at a big rain puddle and he explained that this was the "pond" where they discovered a frog. Plus, Jessa was not really asking him. See, she was planting the idea of which way she wanted to go in his putty-like head. He is always willing to let her lead, you know.

J: Spencer, didn't you go this way on your field trip?
S: Mom, Dad, we went this way on my field trip.
J: Spencer, did you see this tree on your field trip.
S: Mom, Dad, see that tree? We saw it on my field trip.

She did not have to work too hard. He was loving the feeling of power he had. He was the leader. He was in charge. Of course, as with most men in power positions, there was a clever woman behind the scenes pulling the strings! Ha! Just kidding, David. You decided that I needed new Polish Pottery all on your own. It was all you. You sure are handsome. How bout those Gators!?

There were discoveries made.
A woolly caterpillar.

We called it a brain. We have no idea what it was. Anyone?

Even bird houses are exciting on at the "field trip."

They had a wonderful time. We all did. It was nice to just walk.
The dogs had a great time, too. Dunken got some awesome off-leash time running around like a puppy.
And even Max has come a long way from when we first took him for a walk. He is learning. Who said you cannot teach an old dog new tricks??

We may have found a new place to hang. Spencer thinks we should go back. At least that is what Jessa told him he thought.

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