Friday, October 16, 2009

Gun Control

Lucas and I were from the generation that it was OK to play with guns. It was all part of imaginary play. Pretending to be a cook or a mommy or a princess or a policeman or a doctor or a soldier - it was all fun. We lived in a world before children killed other children with guns on purpose.

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Many parents these days are firmly against playing with guns, toy guns, etc. Frankly, I think that they are simply terrified that if their children play cops and robbers that they may draw a picture of it at school and be sent to juvie. You know it happens, right? We've all heard the stories like the 1st grader suspended for coloring a picture of a water gun fight with his best buddy. I am paranoid that my kids are going to talk about Daddy shooting bad guys at school. But that is how they are not afraid when he is deployed, they decide that he will get the bad guys before they get him. Anyway, I have heard that even if you do not allow your child to play with guns, they will eat their toast into the shape of a gun. They will find a way.

Uh, I see that now. With Jessa, this was not an issue. Little girls can turn any item into a magic wand, right? Well, with boys, it is apparently, well, guns. My sweet precious 3 year old baby boy is all about shooting things. And he does not even have a gun - toy or otherwise!

He shoots things with pieces of train track.
He shoots things with a plastic shovel.
He shoots things with a plastic rolling pin.
He shoots things with a wooden rolling pin.

He shoots things with the handle of the Dyson vacuum.

There are also sound effects. I vividly remember the sounds that Lucas used to create when he was playing. The sounds of cars, trains, sirens, and of course, guns. Spencer does this, too. You know all the sound effects I am talking about, right? I do not remember making tons of noises or sounds. And Jessa certainly didn't and doesn't. I think this must be a "boy"thing.

Anyway. I have to watch my back around here these days. I never know when Spencer might jump out and take me out with a piece of toast and a nasty sound effect, plus I have to wait for the call from juvie.

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