Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sports can be confusing.

David Key loves sports. He takes it very seriously. I find it absolutely precious. He is not just a casual fan who talks the talk. No. He walks the walk. He loves his Florida Gators, of course. But to be honest, he just loves football. He is always happy to talk to a true fan of the game, regardless of their loyalties. He even watched the UGA game with Daddy last weekend and cheered appropriately, even though I am sure it was tough. He is a nice, non-trash talking kind of fan.

So we all watch a lot of sports and he longs for the day when the kids will really "get it" and can watch with him. Besides the Gators, we are fans of all things Atlanta - Braves, Falcons, Hawks. We have already taken them to many games - since they were in the womb! And it is important to David to share this love with his children.

Well, some of our dear friends came up to visit a week or so ago. They came so we could all go to see the Braves play when they were in St. Louis. (David ended up not being able to go, of course, he was working.) We dressed the kids in matching Braves shirts, hopped on the train and went to Busch Stadium to see the Braves (most people were not there to see the Braves, but we did not mind).

We had a great time. And the Braves even won (they swept the series!). The kids were remarkably well behaved. Seriously. I had my 2 and our friends had their 2, and we all were able to sit and enjoy most of the game.

During the next week, Bay called and had seats to a Rams game. Wow! Sounds great! We told the kids all week that we were going to a football game. And when we were changing our clothes really quick after church, he chose to wear his Braves shirt. I did not have time to argue, so we went with it.

David (who was in town!! Woo-hoo!), the kids, Bay, and I all hopped the train and headed to The Edward Jones Dome for the St. Louis Rams home opener.

Train ride - on the way.

It was way more crowded than the baseball weekend. And frankly, the people at the dome were not prepared. It was miserable. The crowd was huge and they were frisking EVERY person. Yikes! That takes forever.

A lot of people - oh, and I saw my first real like cheese heads in person!

So after waiting in line for 40 minutes, we were in. And hey, it was only 30 minutes after kick-off. We headed to our seats (these were FREE tickets that the Rams organization gave to the military as a thank you, isn't that nice??). Oh, and we first stopped to get food and drinks. So we hike up to our seats (not complaining, but free seats are usually pretty high up, you know?) with our arms full of food, etc. And we have to "excuse me" across tons of people to sit down. And I for one, sighed a great sigh of relief to be situated - finally. And then Spencer looks at me with this confused and sad look on his face. I said, "What is it, buddy?" And he said in a sad voice, through a pout, "This is not a baseball game." Bless his heart! It all was pretty much the same as two weeks before: a train ride, walking, waiting to get in, buying food, finding seats, and he was shocked to not be at the baseball game when he made it to his seat and looked at the field. I guess that explains his t-shirt choice. . . There are so many sports out there, it really is confusing when you are 3.
He had fun anyway, though.

He loved watching the field through Bay's homemade monocular. You may ask what is a homemade monocular? Well, when asked, Bay said, "The other side of the binoculars quit working, so I broke it off." That's my Daddy! He's a regular MacGyver!
A monocular, what a visionary - no pun intended.

Spencer felt like a pirate with a telescope!
The bad news of the day was that Jessa did not feel so well. Of course, we did not realize this until she fell asleep in her seat. The next day, the pediatrician said she had the flu (most likely H1N1), so um, sorry 66,000 fans in the dome and countless numbers of people on the train who we exposed to Jessa's germs. Our bad.

Poor baby!
Baseball, football, whatever, we like 'em all - well, except when you are sick.

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