Saturday, October 17, 2009


I am all about the kids having good examples. It is amazing how much you can teach them without realizing it. I do so many things in my daily life the same way I watched Momma do them all my life.

I am also all about people doing kind things for other people when possible. Helping people out is a wonderful thing to do. And if you can help someone out while your children are watching, even better.

I was raised watching good examples of people helping other people. Momma and Daddy were always willing to help other people. Even Lucas is a big helper. On our way to his college orientation, we came up on an accident before the ambulance. Lucas hopped out of the car and headed to see what he could do. He used his own belt to tie a tourniquet and stopped a man from bleeding out waiting on help.

Well, during our Daddy packed weekend, we were driving home and we passed a young girl pulled over on the side of the road. I saw her retrieving things from her trunk, so it was pretty obvious that her tire was flat. I was driving because David forgot his wallet (we are the kind of people that the man drives always, unless he forgot his wallet, or drank beers). We thought there was a truck that was going to help her. But in the rear view mirror, I saw that the truck kept going. So we swung the car around to help

I always wonder if people are too afraid to let strangers help them. I think the fact that he is a handsome, clean-cut military looking man helps, plus, he was in a mini van with a lovely lady, 2 precious children, and 2 adorable dogs.

He hopped out and made quick work of changing the tire. I was so impressed. The kids unhooked their seats and climbed into the passenger seat so they could see Daddy better.
No, it was not former Falcon Lineman Keith Brooking, and yes, Tara, I always have my camera.
As I sat there in the car, watching my amazing husband effortlessly change that tire, tears streamed down my face. It made me so proud that my husband was the type of man who would stop and help a sweet teen aged girl with a flat tire. I mean, I would hope someone would help me or someday Jessa, you know? It makes me happy that there are people in the world who still want to help other people out. And it makes me even happier that my children got to have a front row seat to witness their Daddy doing an awesome good deed.

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Pink & Green Mama said...

You are right to feel proud of your sweet hubby. I'm also married to a good guy and expect nothing less for my two daughters when they grow up.

Good deeds and the warm fuzzies you feel afterwards are the best! : )