Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's a tie

For quite a LONG time, Miss Jessa has been working on learning to tie her shoes. This has been tough because she does not have a lot of shoes with ties. She likes sandals and Mary Janes, etc. No ties.

A few weeks ago, she let me know that her shoes were all starting to feel tight. (as were Spencer's. I swear, their feet grow too fast!) So we headed out to buy some new. May happened to be here, so she shouldered some of the financial burden of having children with rapidly growing feet. I guess at least they both have good UNDERstanding. (Get it? I used to get that all the time when people thought my feet were big. . .)

Anyhoo. We are all about the shoes that light up. I am fully supportive of this because, well, I think they are cool. And they do not make shoes that light up in my size. This means 2 things.
1. I am living vicariously through my children.
2. They better wear them now because at the rate their feet are growing, they may not be making light up shoes in their sizes too much longer.

So we ended up at Famous Footwear looking for tennis shoes, as we call them. Although, I think calling them "athletic shoes" is more accurate since we never play tennis. Spencer settled on a handsome pair of Buzz Lightyear shoes that, yes, light up.

And Jessa. She fell in love with a pair of Twinkle Toes, by Skechers. David and I both LOVE Skechers, so I knew they were good shoes. They were so pretty. I was green with envy. They had rhinestones on the toes, they had pretty paint all over them, the laces were sliver and sparkly, and yes, they LIT UP! She was in love. (So was I.)

Um, yes, excuse me, do you have this in a ladies size 8? No? What about an 8 and 1/2? No? Really? Security, no need to call security. I am putting the shoe down. OK, OK, I'm going. **sniff, sniff** Do you have a kleenex?

The problem, of course, was that she was not too keen on tying them herself. And then there was an incident where a boy that she thinks is soooo cool made a comment about not loving them that made her refuse to wear them for a few weeks.

But last week. She was loving her Twinkle Toes again. And she became determined to tie those suckers herself! And after many, many, many tries, she got it! By George she got it!

She really got it the morning we were headed for the Field Trip with her class. This resulted in her spending the entire morning tying her shoes, showing me, and then untying them, you know, so she could tie them AGAIN!

Here they are.

On the bus.
For the umpteenth time.

Such a big girl!

I am so proud!

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