Monday, May 24, 2010

Unsoft and Unmanageable

People, let me tell you.

My brain never stops thinking and rethinking and worrying. Not always bad things or even stressful things, just constantly thinking of things.

When do I do my best thinking? Well, that would be in the shower. Yep. I grudgingly wake up and force myself into the nice warm quiet shower. Most of the time, no one is awake except me. David is usually already gone or out of town. And unlike weekend showers, there are no babies with questions or in need of help. There is no one coming in and out. Just me.

So last Wednesday, I am in the shower. And I am planning when to take Spencer's teacher presents since it is was his last day of school. Oh and I need to make a dessert to take to church. Do I need eggs? And also I need to finish getting gifts ready to take for Awana awards night. I need to stop by Jessa's school to pick up some things. What should we eat for supper? Oh, yeah, we are eating spaghetti at church. Have I ironed on Spencer's last patch on his vest? Did I wash Jessa's leotard for ballet? I think she gets her costume tonight for the recital. I need to learn how to make a prettier bun for her hair. Where are those blue jewels for Jessa's vest? I need to buy more soap. When should I take Stewart to the vet? Oh, yay, he is almost out of isolation. What am I going to wear? Is it going to rain? Where is David today?

You know, just a few passing thoughts. And I got out and got dressed. I took the towel off my hair. I grabbed my comb and uh-oh. Of all the many things that I was thinking about in the shower, apparently conditioner was not one of them. But because I spent so much time thinking and planning in the shower, I do not have time to do anything about it. No biggie, right. Conditioner is not that necessary. I managed to comb it out without crying.

And throughout the day, I came to realize that I do in fact need conditioner. My hair was like straw! So IF you are ever wondering, hey, am I wasting my time and money using conditioner? I can tell you from experience, you need it! The claims of making your hair soft and manageable are so true! Yikes! Condition, people. You won't be sorry!

And as for me, I will make sure that conditioner always crosses my mind in the shower - somewhere between defrosting chicken and paying the car insurance bill.

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