Monday, May 10, 2010

Things that make you go EWWWW!

**Read with caution - this post is in the toilet, or it should be!***
Just when I think that the crazy children I live with have done it all, something like this happens.

The kids are very concerned with after bathroom cleanliness. This is a good thing, right? You want to be thorough in this area. And they love toilet paper. This is good when you need toilet paper rolls for crafts, but sometimes it causes some problems. Let's just say that we have a great plunger that feels very comfortable here. My children guarantee this plunger's job security - no danger of its being laid off, trust me.

I do not get upset when we have our little toilet clogs. No biggie, I can handle it. But the kids, well, they get a little upset when it happens. There is some mild freaking out. At Bay's house, Spence will not flush without someone checking to make sure that it is OK. May worries about the pressure that this poor little guy must feel. I mean no one should fear flushing, right?

Well , last Sunday, I was emptying trash cans all over the house. I do this every Sunday in preparation for Monday, which is trash day. I noticed an overflowing trash can in the master bathroom. It was full of tissue of some sort. I did not think much about it. I kept on going. Then I got to the first upstairs bathroom.

Now I am intrigued.
I snapped this quick picture:

I continued on with my emptying
and ended up downstairs in the powder room.
I found this:

3 for 3.
Now I gotta ask.
What the heck is going on with the massive amounts of toilet paper in the trash cans of ALL 3 bathrooms!??

David is out of town.
I did not do it.
Hmmmm? Let's see.
Who else should I ask?
Who else could have done this? Hmmm?!
Oh the mystery! The intrigue!

Me: Spencer, what's up with the trash cans? Did you do this?
Spencer: Not me, Mom.

This was not surprising. I was thinking that it was the other kid all along.

Me: Jessa, what's up with the trash cans? Did you do this?
Jessa: Uh.
Me: OK. Spill it. Seriously, what were you doing with all of this toilet paper?
Jessa: Well, uh, I , uh did not want to clog the toilet?
Me: Oh, Jessa! You fished toilet paper out of the toilet before you flushed it?
Jessa: Oh, no, Mom! I have just been throwing it away.
Me: Huh?
Jessa: Mom, I have just started putting my toilet paper in the trash can instead of the potty.
Me: Ewwwww!

I took the opportunity to explain to her that there is a reason that we put it in the potty.
My skin crawled several times as we had this discussion.

After I thoroughly explained to her the magnitude of the "ewww factor" on this issue, I think she got it.

A light bulb went off and she said,
"Oh, so I should just do a courtesy flush like when I am in a public bathroom?"
Yes. Yes!
That'll do it.

And if the courtesy flush doesn't do the trick, never fear.
Flush with confidence.
We have a plunger - with a lifetime warranty.

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