Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sweetest brother

100 % of the time, Spencer is a sweet boy who love love loves his sister. That is not to say that he does not get mad or upset or frustrated with her, but even then, he worships her. Jessa loves him deep down and has her moments, but she is usually much more self-centered than Spencer.
The other night, Spencer was working on a beaded necklace. We love to string beads around here. I have about 42 necklaces and 37 bracelets that they have made for me. Tonight, Spence was making a necklace for his favorite little girlfriend from church and school. He asked Jessa to help him. She agreed. He handed her one end of the necklace to hold. And yes, it was the untied end. And she let it go, thus emptying every last bead onto the floor. She said, "uh, sorry." And sweet Spencer said, "That's OK Jessa." He did even have a moment of being upset. I sort of wanted to cry, though. Because no matter how hard they try to pick them all up, in the middle of the night, I a going to stumble in to the kitchen and step right on a bead. ouch.

In a few minutes, he had more beads on the string. And she was holding one end and trying to teach him a jump rope rhyme thing. And sure enough, she let go of her end. Again. And every last bead hit the floor. Again. And she apologized. Again. And again, he said, "That's OK Jessa." But he went one step further. "I still love you, Jessa." I melted.

And here are some pictures of my sweet babies from the soccer games on Saturday.
Poor old Spencer did not play. But he loved running water out to his sister during her game. He even sat on the sidelines with her team. And then this is the way they walked to the car. It took blue forever because they were walking pretty slow, but that was OK. I would have walked 100 miles if they stayed just like that.

Walking along.



Sharing their thoughts about the world.
Enjoying each other.

Loving each other.

And being my sweet babies.
They just grow up TOO fast!

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Mendy said...

That is the sweetest post EVAH!!! Your kiddos are precious!