Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The best restaurant in the whole entire world.

Last weekend, I was cleaning out the van and getting organized to pack for our big trip to GA. We live in the van, so it is always a disaster. BUT we usually have everything we need at any given time.

Water? check. Bandaid? check. Snacks? check. 27 stuffed animals? check. Trash? check.

I digress. I was vacuuming and using very liberal amounts of Febreeze (the van also smells like we live in it. . .) The kids were playing in the front yard. Of course, as usual, we have several kiddos from the street come on down to hang out. I am busy, but I can hear snippits of conversations. My ears perked up when I heard Jessa start talking about our trip. I LOVE to hear them talk when they have no idea I am listening.

Jess: Yeah, my mom's getting the car ready to go to GA.
Friend: Oh really.
Jess: My grandma, May, she lives in GA and we are going to see her. I was also born in GA.
Friend: Yeah, my brother was, too.
Jess: While we are at my Grandma's house, we get to go out to eat at the best restaurant in the whole entire world.
Friend: Oh yeah, where?
Jess: The Varsity.
Friend: I have been there. Did you know that Coca Cola was invented in Georgia?
Jess: Yes! And we love Coke!
I got so tickled. We do love The Varsity in Atlanta. And we do eat there every time we come to visit. I am glad that she loves it, and I am sure that many would argue it is the best fast food restaurant in the world. And when you are 6, I guess fast food is the best type of food, so I see her point!!

So last night, we made her dream a reality and went to The Varsity!
Nikki always likes to eat there when she visits, too, so we were all happy. We always sit in the same place, so Mimi and Poppy know where to meet us. And last night was no different. Usually the "guys" go and get the food and the ladies say with the kids to save our table. But last night, the only "guys" were Poppy and Spencer, so I went with them. I smiled when I heard a man behind us in line say, "I have never even heard of this place. I was in town on business and someone at the hotel said I had to try it." Yep. It is sort of a must when you travel to Atlanta!

We had a wonderful time. We laughed. We ate lots of greasy food.
And Jessa was beaming to be in "the best restaurant in the whole entire world!"

We even took a ton of pictures. I laughed because I am sure that people thought we were tourists taking 1,000 pictures!!

If you have never been to this wonderful place, we think that you MUST eat onion rings and drink a P.C. (that is a Plain Chocolate milk poured over ice). AND if you want to impress them, I can help you with some lingo. Don't be shocked if they start yelling at you "What'll ya have!?" And if you want a plain hot dog, that is a "naked dog." AND going with Poppy is always fun - he has stories! When he was a student at GA Tech in Atlanta, The Varsity closed at 1 AM. Which meant that students, like Poppy went to the back door at 2 AM to get free food that they would be throwing away.

And we saw this in the parking lot:

Poppy said it must have come from the Athens Varsity because it looked like it came from the UGA library! Gotta love an in-state rivalry!! (No offense, Lucas and Bay!!)
We all got so tickled.

See, I told you Poppy was fun to bring along!

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