Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pinch me

Y'all it's summer. It really is. Now, I have not been able to tell it for the first few weeks because we were pretty darn busy. We had dress rehearsals and dance recitals and soccer camp and VBS. All of these things were SUPER fun, but we never had the chance to really relax, you know?

Well, that is all about to change because we are in GA! Yep. I packed up my van with 2 precious angle babies and my 2 sweet and patient Westies and we headed SOUTH! I must pause her for a moment to tell you that I have been blessed with the BEST traveling family in the world. Now, I think a part if it is that I have never much given anyone a choice. Being the military family that we are, many hours of travel sort of come with the territory. But, y'all, for real. We had the best trip! Now, I am not going to tell you we did not have a few sibling moments. Or that Jessa was not supremely unhappy because I did not pack one drink that she wanted AND I did not pack her dry erase markers the right way. Heaven forbid! (Silly child, at least I packed fun things for you to do and things for you to drink!) Both babies stayed awake the whole trip for the first time EVER. We left our house in Illinois at 10 AM CDT (11 AM EDT) and arrived at May's house at 8:30 EDT (7:30 CDT). AND we only stopped 3 times! Yep, they rock.

The kids were just content and awesome. We looked at rivers and bridges and signs and "nature," as Jessa called it. They watched several movies that they actually agreed on!
Jessa choosing movies during one stop

Spencer: "No flash photography!"
And the dogs, well, just look at them:
Who wouldn't love those faces??
Now we are here and we are so happy. Well, the kids have driven us partly nuts because they want to do everything RIGHT NOW. We are working on our patience, but we are still loving being at May's!

The most exciting part for my kiddos is that our awesome cousin from Hawaii is visiting. Our sweet Nikki comes to May's house almost every summer. She loves hanging with May and my babies love hanging with their Nikki. When I told Jessa how long she would get to spend with Nik, she grinned and said, "Pinch me, I'm dreaming!" I love how much they love family time.

AND it gets better. Yes, I said EVEN better!
Next week, my David will take leave.
This concept is foreign to him in his current job. Since it has been so long, I did some research.
According to Wikipedia,
"In the United States Military, leave is permission to be away from one's unit for a specific period of time."
Good to know.
He will get to see if he still remembers how to do it. Because he is coming to May's, too, then we are headed to the beach! Yay! AND then, Bay is coming to May's house for the 4th of July weekend. He's gotta run the Peachtree, dontchaknow? IF he can find another number, David wants to run it, too. (Anyone out there have an extra one?? Just checking. . .
On the way to May's, I asked Spencer and Jessa is we should bring supper to May and Nikki. My sweet Jessa said, "Nah, let's just wait and see what May is fixing." Love it!
(May fixed her favorite chicken and rice and green beans, thank you very much.)
And on our second night here, we met Mimi and Poppy and Roy and Peggy at their favorite restaurant for Mexican food and Mariachi music. The babies LOVE the band and call it "The Band Restaurant." They each gave them a tip and requested a song. Nikki: Devil Went Down to Georgia. Spencer: Old McDonald Had a Farm. Jessa: Feliz Navidad. Cracked us AND them up! But they sang it. AND even though they played lots of songs more than once, I am pretty sure that in JUNE Jessa's was the only request for Feliz Navidad!!
Stay tuned for more fun summer vacation posts!
Yay, GA!
Yay, Family!
Yay, good travelers!!


kate said...

Great, great, great! So glad you guys are here and made it safe and sound!! Sounds like a blast.

Michelle said...

Yay, visiting the Alpens....
(Okay, I added that one at the end but the offer is open! Or we could meet you at Chuck E Cheese again or something.)