Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A riddle for you, dear reader

I must give credit to my awesome friend Laura, this is her favorite riddle ;-)


Any ideas??


THESE GUYS!!!!!!!!
A few days ago, we all went to our local Wal-Mart to pick up a few things for our upcoming trip to the BEACH! We figured that we could get some cool stuff to take with us, and it would be a lot cheaper than buying it at the beach. We got kick boards and beach balls and sand pails and shovels and lots of sunscreen and snacks and juice.
And what else?
Hmmm, wait, I can't think of the other things that we picked up.
Oh, this is embarrassing, it is right on the tip of my tongue. . .
Oh yeah, that's right!
Goggles and snorkels!
We have never had a proper beach vacation as a family. When we were at Ft. Stewart, we spent lots of afternoons at the beach. But we never spent the night - much less a few. And my babies think that a trip to any hotel is a vacation. Now they get to sleep in a hotel AND go to the beach. Oh my! And we are headed to Jekyll Island - my most favorite beach in the whole entire world! It was our favorite vacation spot when I was small. It is not very commercial because it is a State Park, and it is so dog friendly that if they see a dog in your car as go through the gates, they give you a treat for your furry friend. That is my kinda place! And I love the Atlantic Coast - especially my beloved Georgia Golden Isles. (In case you did not know already, I love love love Georgia. As far as I am concerned, we have it all. Mountains, beaches, Coca-Cola!)
We are all getting so excited.
We're almost on our way!!!
Stay tuned for MORE beach themed posts!

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