Friday, June 25, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond

Today, for our summer fun, we went to see Toy Story 3.

We were planning to go to the movie at 4:25.

We got the the theater about 3:50 (with my babies, EVERYTHING takes longer than it should, so I always try to be extra early when possible).

Wait, let me back up a bit. We did get there at 3:50, but there was nothing quick or early about it. First, it took about 12 minutes for each child to hook their seatbelts. We are transitioning to different boosters, and I want them to get used to hooking them by themselves. It was 97 degrees outside. And I am no meteorologist, but I am pretty sure the humidity was about 200%. Jessa was ill with me because I would not let her swing 5 minutes before we were supposed to leave, in a dirty swing, in the backyard, in 97 degree weather, when we were about to leave. When she is ill, she moves even slower - and I did not think that was possible. So by the time we all get in the car, we are all sweating profusely. And I was not in a great mood. You know how the heat makes everyone so quick to fuss?? Well, we were all hot. There was fussing. There was even a few seat adjustments. "I want to sit by May!" "I can't sit back there." Oh, and you know how we have a DVD player in the car? Well, who knew that two children could actually have an argument about what movie they wanted to watch in the car, on the way to the. . . what? Oh, yeah, that's right: the MOVIES.

At this point, I turned off the DVD player, and we rode in silence.

We got to the movie theatre parking lot about 3:45. We stood on the hot black asphalt parking lot by the car. We were sweating with the hot sun beating down us. And instead of hurrying into the cool, air conditioned theater, we were all standing there. In the HOT. Arguing. What were we arguing about, you may ask? Well, we were discussing who would bring what toys into the movie with us. Really? We are not going into the theater never to return. The bunnies and dogs and books that are in the van will most likely still be in the van, IN THE SAME SPOT, as when we go into the theater. You do not take something to entertain yourself when you go to entertainment. I finally tell them to put their things away or miss the movie. They reluctantly and grudgingly comply.

I head up to the box office. This is where we discovered that the 4:25 movie was not in 3-D. Secretly, it pleased me no end. 3-D gives me a headache, and it costs WAY more. But the sweet cherub children that I call my own had their sweet little hearts set on 3-D, AND I had promised them. So we discussed it and bought tickets for the next 3-D one. It was at 5:35. At that moment it was 3:52. It was 97 degrees. We are hot, ill, sweaty, and not in good moods. At all. So, what should we do??

We all piled back in the car and went to Barnes and Noble, right next to the theater. We got out and walked all the way back to the kids section. The three of us (me, Jess, Spence) sat on the floor in a corner and had a serious heart to heart talk. I quietly explained that they have it pretty darn good. I am trying hard to make their summer awesome and fun. And while I do enjoy a good kids movie, especially a Toy Story one, spending a freaking fortune (of May's money :-) to see a movie in IMAX 3-D that will make me sick and give me a headache is not my idea of a good time. I gave them a good hard talking to. And I think it worked!

Oh, and Nikki and I both took a Dramamine while we were at B&N so that we could avoid puking during the IMAX movie.

When we were leaving Barnes and Noble, we were all feeling a little better. We got in the car and headed to back to the theater. We all went inside to the awesomely AIR CONDITIONED building. We carefully chose our snacks. We got cokes and Icees and popcorn and nachos and candy. A movie FEAST! We got our fancy 3-D glasses and headed into the theater.

We ate our snacks. We got excited about all the previews. And we settled in to enjoy Toy Story 3. We laughed. We cried. We cheered. We all LOVED the movie SO much. It was awesome.

The movie was over. We gathered up our trash. We were all chattering about how much we loved it. We were sharing our favorite parts. We were reliving the funniest jokes. We all very animated as we shared our experience with each other. The moment was wonderful. We were so happy with our afternoon at the movies. All the hot, fussing, fighting, sweating, arguing, stressing - it was ALL worth it. The giggles and the smiles erased all the trouble. Even the slight nausea I experienced was not a thought as we left the theater, hand in hand.

We walked out into the hot 97 degree, 200% humidity weather. We started walking across the black asphalt parking lot. We all started to climb into the hot van. And before we could all get in, Jess and Spence were fighting over who was going to sit where.

May looked at me and said, "Why can't the moment last just a little longer??" I agree. Maybe a LOT longer, like to infinity and beyond. . .

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MaryBeth said...

Right there with ya!! If our value is measured in both giggles and tears we are very, very rich!! I'm super excited about seeing the Toy Story Movie, but my girls.... not so much. GUess I'll probably wait until it is out on DVD.