Saturday, August 9, 2008

Entering the 21st Century

I have resisted starting this process. I have been afraid that with my crazy life, I will not keep up-to-date with postings. And it will become yet another thing that will make me feel guilty and inadequate! Ha! BUT I also think that it would be nice to document the funny things that the kids say and the many changes that come with being an army family. So. . . here I am!

My name is Dana and I am an army wife. My husband David and I met in college and were married the day after he graduated (I married a younger man :>)) We packed the truck the day after the wedding and moved to Ft. Eustis, Virgina. And the adventure began. . .

We have lived in Virginia, Bamberg and Mannheim, Germany, then Virginia, then Georgia, then Louisiana, and we are now headed back to Georgia. Whew! David is in Iraq for his 3rd tour, and we miss him very much!
We have 2 children. Jessa is 4 and loves dancing, princesses, babies, doll house, and dress-up. Spencer is 2 and loves trains, Thomas, Spongebob, animals, and trying to do everything Jessa does. They both enjoy playing computer games and amaze me with their ability to use the mouse. A computer mouse did not even exist when I was born, and now they have it mastered before they even start to school.

We have a precious Westie named Dunken, a wedding present from my parents. He has been with us through every move and enjoyed Germany the most. He misses being welcome everywhere, especially resturants where nice German ladies brought him his own plate.

We have a rotten tabby cat named Stewart, an adoptee from the Chatham County Humane Society in 2004. He is a pampered cat who does not mind moving, as long as he can ride in your lap in the car and not in a carrier - that is beneath him!

We also have 2 beta "fishies." Spencer's is red, named Charlie. Jessa's is white, named Hannah Montana.

So that is the basic info and now I will try to be up to the challenge of making starting this blog worthwhile. I am currently sitting in the den of my house watching my babies dance together while listening to fairytopia music. Jessa is wearing a lovely belle dress and matching "slippers." Spence still has on his jommies, but he is dutifully dancing when Jess compells him to. Moments when they are playing together and laughing with each other are the most special wonderful moments in the world. Of course, they never last long enough. . . I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.

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