Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tea Time

What better way to pass a Sunday afternoon than a lovely tea party?

Jessa decided a tea party was a great idea. She has several tea sets, but the one she chose to use is a special one that her Bay (my daddy) brought her from Mexico when she was still very small. The first person she invited was her brother. The only requirement was that he allow her to choose appropriate attire. As is usually the case, this involves dressing him in any number of girl clothes from night gowns to princess dresses to tutus. For this particular occasion, she chose a barbie dress. He is always willing to oblige her in any thing that she has planned for him. He is usually so happy that she includes him that he is most agreeable.

I was the "head cook and bottle washer" for the affair. I prepared the table to their specifications with as Spencer called the table cloth "a tea party napkin." For the menu, I prepared sweet "teef" (Spencer's term), "Bilano cookies" (Jessa's term), and peanuts.

Spencer invited Mickey to join them and Jessa invited a purple chick. It is always important in share special tea parties with special friends, wouldn't you agree??

The tea party was simply perfect (and lovely, as Jessa kept reminding me). We had a candle and some flowers. Very elegant! We had a few mishaps, like Spencer kept forgetting to hold on to the top when he poured the tea into his cup. This makes a slight mess. Spencer got upset each time and said "oh no, I pilled on teef party napkin" But I assured him this was ok, the tablecloth was paper.

I love how the babies can turn anything into an event. They make me stop and enjoy the small moments.

To savor each and every second. To delight in simple things. They make my life so much FUN!

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