Sunday, August 17, 2008

SUPER Heroes in my daily life

We had a crazy Saturday in Louisiana. We had planned to sleep in because the first week back at school wore us all out (let's be honest, it was mostly me). About 9:30, the phone rang and it was our realtor. She wanted to tell me that the folks that looked at it on Thursday liked it, but they were not sure. She also wanted to tell me that an agent from another brokerage wanted to show the house at 3:30. My first reaction was whew, I have all day to prepare. Then I realize that with the 2 small forces of nature that I call Jessa and Spencer, this may not be so good. While it gives me more time to clean up, it also gives them more time to MESS UP! But this is the way it is, so I will deal.

I cleaned up areas that they were not interested in and even closed some doors. The best part was me cloroxing the jets in my tub while they were busily bathing troll dolls from Happy Meals in the sink. So I leave the room for a minute to get more paper towels. I come back to find Jessa still bathing her pink troll doll and a small little mermaid in one sink. And Spencer, finishing up dumping my brand new bottle of windex down the drain of the other sink. And as upset as I was that I had just lost the #1 weapon in my quick cleaning to prepare the house to be shown arsenal, he was so proud that he had poured it in the SINK and not on the FLOOR. I guess he had a point, it was less messy that way. . . And boy was that sink shiny!

The only family member who always stays out of my way and does not hinder my forward progress is of course, Dunken:
He finds an out of the way spot and rests, hoping that the kids nor I disturb him. He does need his beauty sleep. . .

We finally are ready to get out of the house to have it clean and empty. This is important so that the folks can look at our home, critique my decorating, criticize the paint and furniture, and basically judge our whole way of life. Jessa decided that the best way to kill the time was to go to the "ice cream shop." I asked her what was wrong with just driving around and she replied in her best teenaged tone, "Mah-ham (note the 2 syllables it takes to display proper disgust) that is Sooooo BORING." I guess she has a point. It is not terribly scenic around here - lot of trees.

So I took my budding teenager and her little brother to the Marble Slab Creamery. We had to leave the car running because Dunken is also expected to be out of the house. Mainly because he may very well lick anyone to death who dares enter our home. This could be an insurance nightmare! So we hurried in to get the ice cream and hurried back to Dunken. We all ate our ice cream in the back of the van with the seats down watching "Strawberry Short Cake" on the DVD player. Dunken even enjoyed a small cup of vanilla!

With all this craziness, Spencer did not take a nap. So he fell asleep at like 5:30 and I could not get him to wake up (nor did I try to hard, my mom's words about "never waking a sleeping baby" kept echoing in my head). We had late everything after that. Late supper, late kitchen clean-up, late getting ready for bed. . .

We did have time for a performance from the Jessa school of dance. Where she danced to classical music (aka "Baby Einstein") in her Belle dress and shoes. Spencer and I were the audience. Although, she said numerous times "I wish Spencer would just get up and follow my footsteps!" I do not have pics of that because we were videoing for Daddy. Jessa said we did need to tape it for him because "I can tell that Daddy is smiling at me all the way from Iraq!" I love when she says this because it shows how much she really does think of him and that she still feels such a connection to him. Plus, it allows me get her to do things she does not want to do: Me "It would make Daddy smile all the way from Iraq. . ."
But the reason for the name of this post has yet to be revealed. After all of the crazy, hot, rushed, stress of the day, the day ended on a high note. I was trying to put the house to bed and us to bed and I was beginning to feel tense and frustrated until I walked into the den and saw this:

No matter how crazy my day is, no matter how much stress I feel, no matter how much I miss David and don't want be selling a house or moving alone, the babies can always make me smile. So they are the Super Heroes in my daily life. They can make my worries seem so insignificant. They are such a blessing! And they may even have super powers. . .
(sorry for the blurry ones, they are really fast!)

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