Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wanted: 1 BR, 1 BA home

We are currently living in a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house. (By the way, it is actually for sale, I am not sure if I mentioned that before. We would love it if you would pass that information along to anyone you know looking for a lovely home at Ft. Polk!) I was so excited to find a house with 3 full baths! We were sort of scarred from our time in Germany. We had a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment. This was fine about 90% of the time. But whenever we had friends over (which was often, we were so popular, just ask Tonya or Tara) or family staying with us, it was tough. Let's face it, when you are living in Germany and especially visiting Germany, what do you want to do? Sightsee? Maybe. Eat schnitzel? Sure. Buy Birkenstocks? OK. But what is the #1 thing that is fun to do in Germany? DRINK! The best wine and beer in the world is made in Germany. So when you are there, you have to drink it, right? I have the most vivid pictures of momma and daddy visiting. The 4 of us would go out to eat, and since you have to drink something, why not beer? When we would get back to the apartment, we would all race for the bathroom! And we would stand in line!!! No fun, right?

At Ft. Lee, we had 1 and a half bathrooms - getting better. Then at Ft. Stewart, we had 2 FULL BATHS! WOW! We were moving on up. . . Then we had 2 babies, so we needed the 2 bathrooms. The extra one had a baby tub in it all the time.

Next we move to Ft. Polk, and we have 3 FULL BATHS! Heaven! And it is SO nice when family comes to visit. Everyone can have their privacy, and with 2 hot water heaters, we can all take showers at the same time.

The middle picture is of the bathroom in the hall near the children's room. Aren't the ducks precious? Perfect for a kids bathroom, right? Jessa even helped me pick out all the cute duck accessories. Mom ordered personalized prints for Jessa and Spencer to coordinate with the theme. We were so excited to have a cool "duckie" bathroom. I can count on one hand the number of baths that the children have taken in the "duckie" bathroom. Now that I think about it, the only "person" who takes a bath in there is Dunken. So we may be the only family in the world who has a dog with virtually his own bathroom.

One would think that with all these bathrooms, everyone could have their own space. The kids multiple dental accessories and a multitude of tub toys could be in the "duckie" bathroom, right? And David and I could have our own bathroom sans pirate ships, rubber ducks, naked barbies, Spongebob & Dora toothbrushes, and stools that we might trip over in the dark of the middle of the night. I am sure that you see where this is going. . .

Want to know the #1 reason why this is not the case???

They fell in love with the big tub. I mean, I don't blame them. I love it, too. Tub size is on the list of deciding factors in a house for me. I love big tubs to take long, hot baths. Termites? Sink hole? Bad neighborhood? But does it have a jacuzzi tub?? I'm in! (Maybe it is bad that I may be buying a house without David - are my priorities out of whack?)

To a small person, it is like a baby pool. Jessa likes to stand on her hands and let her whole body float. They both like to use the sloping sides as water park slides for the aforementioned naked barbies. They also like the skylight. They love to watch the clouds in the daytime and the stars at night. It was love at first soak - for all of us. . .

It all started with the tub. At first it was one toy, one duck, one naked barbie, but the tub was just the gateway. Now, we may as well have only 1 bathroom. Oh, except for Dunken - ha! They have stools (that I trip over on a regular basis during twilight tee-tee trips), at least 5 toothbrushes EACH (Thomas, Hannah Montana, Spongebob, Hello Kitty, Snoopy, Barbie, Dora, etc.), 2 or 3 different kids of toothpastes, their own towel hooks, Dixie cups, combs, toys, Kandoo wipes, potty chairs, you name it. How did I lose control?

Think of the money we could save if we just face facts and buy a 1 bedroom, 1 bath.

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