Friday, January 23, 2009

All good things must come to an end

We really did have SUCH a good time on our vacation to Disney World. I do not usually enjoy trips as much as I used to. You know, once you are the grown-up, you have to think of things and pack and plan. But this time was more relaxed for some reason. I am not sure if it was because we were SO happy to have David home and with us or if I was relieved to not be at home staring at the remaining boxes or maybe it was just being at such a fun, special, magical place.

Our last day was spent backtracking and making sure we accomplished everything we needed to accomplish. This was my favorite day, by far. I think the pressure was off. We did everything already, and this day was about redoing favorite things and just relaxing. We had planned to leave early that day and had not originally planned to do anything. So in a way, it felt like a bonus day! We even played on the playground a while. . .
We played at 100 Acre Woods in the Winnie the Pooh area.
Our first goal was to get our booties to Hollywood Studios and ride Toy Story's Midway Mania ride. It was always SO crowded and they ran out of fast passes quickly, so we decided to try one more time and get there first thing in the morning.

IT WORKED! We only had to wait about 20 minutes, and it was so worth it. I swear it was one of all of our favorite rides. It is this cool 4-D game thing. You are actually in the game. There were 3-D glasses involved, a car moving through the game, shooting targets - FUN! It was awesome!!

And in true Disney style, the waiting area was almost as cool as the ride/game itself. . .
Disney artists are my heroes! WOW! The details were absolutely incredible.
And I am an expert, we have watched the Toy Story movies a million times, at least!

After that, we got our last 2 souvenirs (Jessa's "Cowgirl Jesse" doll and Spencer's "Cowboy Woody" doll. . .), and posed with a toy soldier (Spencer was dying to do that). Then we park hopped our way right over the Magic Kingdom.

The soldiers were SO cool.
When they stood still, their feet looked like they were on a stand just like real toy soldiers!!
Tram ride to the Magic Kingdom - note Jessa holding Jesse (she is our new favorite toy).

I mentioned that it was our favorite place the whole trip. Plus, the first day was so long and crazy and stroller-less that we wanted to give it one more chance. I am SO glad we did

Spencer did not want to ride the carousel the first time, but this time, he did. Spencer slept through "It's a Small World," but this time, he didn't. (AND HE LOVED IT!) Plus, in our princess hunt, we missed several rides that they really enjoyed. I think that is what makes the Magic Kingdom perfect for the little ones. There are very few rides that are too scary or unsuitable for the little ones. My kiddos felt so cool and big riding all the "roller coasters."

Spencer was clingy to me the whole trip, so Jessa and David were "ride buddies!"

We also saw the Monsters. Inc. Laugh Floor show - SO funny! Sorry no pictures - cameras were not allowed. But it was another interactive show. There were cameras, so people from the audience were actually featured in the show. David ended up being "Randall" from the movie. He kept having to make himself invisible. So when David's face appeared on the screen, he would duck! Funny stuff! I really wanted pictures, but it was dark, so I doubt they would have turned out. . .
And as we were finishing up, we ran into Buzz again. We LOVE Buzz, so we visited with him again. Jessa even let him kiss her Jesse since she just knows by the way the Toy Story 2 ended that Buzz and Jessa are boyfriend/girlfriend.
Farewell, Buzz. . .
And David and I decided that we were going to ride Space Mountain! We had to do it in shifts since the kids were (a) not interested, (b) not tall enough, and (c) would have been terrified. First, he went. He walked right up, no line! So I thought what the heck, and I rode it, too. Spencer was SO pooped by this point that he lost all control once he realized I was gone for my turn. When I walked back up, David and Jessa were on a bench, and my hysterical little dude was sitting in the ground a foot away with his back to them.
Jessa was not upset that I rode Space Mountain. She was just chillin' with her sucker. . .
Spencer couldn't wait for me to come back and pick him up, bless his heart.
Once I picked him up and placed him in the stroller, he was asleep within seconds for the ride to the car. Thank goodness we bought those strollers. . .

Having fun tires a boy out. . .

I cannot say enough about what a great time we all had. I know it is crazy expensive and such a huge trip to undertake with the little guys, but it really was so much fun. And I thank Disney SO much for being willing to offer great military discounts that make it possible for all sorts of soldiers to provide such an awesome experience for their families.
We sure hope so. . .

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