Sunday, January 25, 2009

Maxwell Update

Sweet snoozing Maxwell
My Momma suggested today that I needed to post something about our sweet Maxie. He has been a Key for about 5 weeks, so she felt I needed to let everyone know how he was doing.

First of all, he is such a sweet boy. I cannot even begin to imagine how ANYONE could neglect him. He is so precious and so appreciative of anything you do for him. He even cooperates with me each day when I give him his many medications to include eye drops and ear ointment twice daily.

Loving his new home and family
Now that is not to say we have not had a few problems here and there. He LOVES to try to get into the trash can. He still chases Stewart and barks at him incessantly when he happens to see him. He still does not ever ask to go outside, so we all sort of have to watch him and make him go out a lot. We have not had many accidents lately, but that is more because we are paying close attention than he is letting us know he needs to go.

But, Max is slowly learning to be a "dog." Bless his heart, when he first came home, he did not act like a dog. He does not chase squirrels or even seem to notice when Dunken does. He does not feel the need to "mark" his territory when he is in the yard. After a few weeks of being around Dunken and Momma's dog Cooper, he is starting to "get it." It is so exciting to watch him chase Dunken across the yard. He is really coming into his own.

Max with Dunken, learning the finer points of a nap in the sun.
Dunken is an excellent big brother.
Clearly, he in not feeling any pressure in his new role.

He is patient with him and for the most part does not seem to mind having him around.
A seat full of Wesites in the car
Enjoying a snack together
(Dunk is always in red and Max in blue)
Patiently waiting for Daddy to share some delicious cheese

Dunken sharing the watchdog responsibilities with his new brother.

David was especially concerned about his reactions to Stewart. Stewart was here first, and we all do not want Stewart to suffer or be in any danger. Well, we needn't have worried about Stewart. The few times that Max has chased him and gotten him cornered, Max walked away with scratches. And I think he is more curious about Stewart than anything else, but Stewart is not yet willing to give him the chance to figure him out. Not that I blame him. . .

Look at that face!

We read different ways to set things up for the safety of your cat (or in some cases your dog ;>). So we went with the baby gate idea. Stew is safe in our room with his litter box and food and water. And he can venture out if he chooses, but if Max decides to bark at him and chase him, Stewart has a safe place to go. Well, Stewart is loving this. He will taunt poor confused Max from the other side of the gate. Spitting, hissing, growling all make Max crazy. And the funniest is Stewart attacking him through the gate! Max does not stand a chance!!

His nemesis: THE GATE

Stewart relaxes in the safety of his lair.

But things are going well, I think. Max seems to be feeling at home and secure. He has gained a couple pounds. His hair is coming back slowly. All in all, I am very pleased with our newest family member's progress. . .
He looks pretty content, don't you think??

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