Monday, January 5, 2009

I want S'More, please

OK. We live in SOUTH GEORGIA. And we are in the midst of record-breaking high temperatures. Yet, we have a fire place in our quarters here at Ft. Stewart. We have never had a wood burning fire place anywhere that we have ever lived. David finds this really cool. So cool that he was trying to plan a way to put the TV in the small den where the fireplace is located. We decided against that, but the fireplace has been calling to him.

My Daddy has always loved a fire. We have spent many Christmases sweating, in need of the A/C because Daddy wanted a fire, darn it. I guess it is true that you marry a man like your father. . .And of course, the kids are very supportive of his desire to experience the joy that is a fire burning in the fireplace.

We went to Lowe's today, and David bought firewood and a starter log.
The van said it was 82 degrees outside at the time.
We came home, and yes, he lit the fire.

Ahhh, a crackling fire on a warm Southern evening.

He did wait until it was getting dark and the temperature had dropped:

Outdoor temp is on the top and indoor is on the bottom.

Well, you would think that lighting a neat fire in our neat new fireplace would be enough. But what do you think a fire makes Jessa think of?? Yep, S'mores. And Spencer was immediately on board. BUT we do not have our pantry fully stocked yet, so we did not have the essential S'more ingredients. But Daddy, our hero, loaded the kiddos up and headed out to the store.

Three stores and close to an hour later, the foragers were back with the necessary supplies.

Roasting the Marshmallows with our S'more Chef

Jessa's "S'more Order" included graham crackers and marshmallows. She drew an "X" in the air with her finger to let us know that she did not want chocolate on hers.

Jessa was thrilled with her chocolate-less S'mores, just the way she ordered them.
Spencer's major concern was that it was too hot.
I assured him that it was NOT too hot, but he was skeptical and asked :
"ARE YOU SURE??" note the face - he is seriously worried

He finally believed me and enjoyed his S'more at the perfect temperature.


And today's lesson learned:

When starting a fire, you need wood, a starter log, matches, marshmallows, Hershey's Bars and graham crackers.

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kate said...

Ha! Kevin was also way into having a fireplace when we were in our apartment. I swear, he wanted a fire every night! I, on the other hand, played the part of your kids and wanted s'mores every night. Must be the girl scout in me. :)