Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My silly babies

My children make me smile all the time. . .

The other night, Jessa came running over to me to share some important information:

"Mommy, I just heard them say "Stop dying, and Start Living with Weight Watchers." We need to get that so we won't die. Because if you die you are gone and you cannot come back." She has been sad since her Betta fish Carly went to heaven to "swim with Jesus." So she is trying to grasp the whole dying thing. . .

Spencer has been sort of excited about Buzz and Woody since we met them at Disney. So now he is saying "Buzz Lightyear and beyond" all the time!

Our power was out last week and Jessa was wanting something to eat.

J: I want meatballs.
Me: When the power is out, the microwave does not work.
J: I want soup.
Me: When the power is out the stove does not work.

This went on with her trying to turn things on. About the time I felt like she was starting to "get it," all of the sudden, the power came back on. She was so happy and asked me,

Mommy, WHO fixed our power?

I paused to think of the easiest way to explain it to her and before I came up with anything, her face lit up and she said, "I know! Jesus fixed it." I smiled and said, "Yep, it was Jesus." I decided that it was a nice way to look at it, and she was satisfied. Then at supper that night, she was saying the blessing and at the end she said, "And thank you Jesus for fixing our power today."

Spencer LOVES puzzles right now, well, they both do. When we were moving in and had not TV or computers, unpacking would get boring for them. So they would bring out puzzles into the kitchen floor for us to put together. Now, everyday, Spence wants for us to put puzzles together on the kitchen floor. I always tell them to look at the picture on the box if they are having trouble. Spencer gets so excited when he gets it all put together and can compare it to the box. He'll say "Mommy look, it matches just like the decoration!"

They also have taken to chanting "U-S-A" whenever they are running around the house. Many times, they are "chasing bad guys." Many times, David and I are the bad guys. And they also will be heading to the bath room or the play room, and they hold up one finger pointing in the direction they are headed and say, "To the playroom, Away!" Or "To the Bathroom, Away!" I live with classic superheroes!!

In case I have not mentioned it before, our house is old. So one day last week, we had no heat all day. (This was the day before the power went out. We are not convinced the house will not fall down around us.) When we woke up, it was 54 degrees IN THE HOUSE. Yikes!! We all wore coats all day. While we were waiting for the heat guy to come, we were trying to stay warm. I made some homemade hot chocolate to have a hot chocolate bar with marshmallows and chocolate chips. They were so cute enjoying their hot chocolate together.

They love hot chocolate parties! Jessa and I like to call it "Cocoa Moo" like Shego (extra points if you know who Shego is. . .) We have them even when it is not 50 degrees, and drinking hot chocolate together really cracks them up!!! I LOVE hearing their belly laughs.

See why I am always smiling???

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