Monday, January 19, 2009

The Disney Report

Let's talk about DISNEY WORLD!
Mickey Mouse Ears are a must - although Spencer was somewhat reluctant.
We were so excited!!

Driving into the gates of the parks. . .

On the Monorail, watching for the castle.


I mentioned before that I am going to do a series of posts on the trip. I do not want to bore everyone, plus, I cannot spend all day on the computer. The kids would probably love no supervision, but the house is in bad enough shape. . .

Today I am going to focus on the first part of our day at the Magic Kingdom. I wish I had a tape recorder with me all the time because the days were so busy and long that my memory did not keep up with everything. I even tried typing them in the computer every night so that I would not forget, but sometimes, I have already lost them. I should also note that Jessa left the hotel in a Belle dress that she wore about half the day. It was the hottest day we were there, plus, getting in and out of rides was tough in the fancy dress. She was a hit, though, there were lots of little ones in gowns. AND I saw a precious family with 3 kiddos and brave parents. Their 2 girls had on princess dresses, but their little boy also had on a princess dress! I thought it was so awesome that they let him wear what he wanted. Not sure if David could have handled the stares if Spencer had wanted to wear a princess dress. . .
Our Princess, on the carousel.

Let me start by saying, my children have bladders of steel. This can be a really good thing. We do not have to stop very often to go potty on trips. In fact, I almost always have to force them just to try to potty. They can usually go, but it can be frustrating for all of us! Each morning after dragging their tired little souls out of bed, we would go to a delicious breakfast at the hotel. After we were finished, we would head back up to the room for a potty break. Jessa calls this "emptying her tanks." I have no idea where she came up with that. When I ask if she needs to go, she will usually shake her head and say "But mom, my tanks are not full." There was one morning that the whole show was held up by a 3 year old in hysterics because he did not want to go. (He finally did, whew!)

But they are both leery of public restrooms. We have to survey many stalls and find the best one. I must pause to say that they come by this honestly. I am not a fan of public restrooms, and I am pretty sure I would wet my pants before I went in a "Porto-Potty." But I am always asking them if they need to go to avoid the moment all parents dread: You have been in line for an hour, it is almost your turn, and a whining child's voice asks to go to the bathroom! The first full day, we were at the Magic Kingdom. We had finished the sack lunches I had packed, and David had just brought us our first Mickey Ice Cream treats. My sweet boy looks up at me and says, "Mom, do you think I could use Disney World's Bathroom?" Wanting to waste no time, I grabbed his hand, and we took off. A bit of advice, do not head to a crowded public restroom with a little boy and 2 chocolate covered Mickey Ice Cream treats. He is still not wanting to stand up to potty, so we had to clean the seat, get him situated, and all with not 1 but 2 delicious ice cream treats. I was covered in melted, sticky chocolate. So then I decided to take advantage of us being in the restroom. While it was my turn, he was standing in the stall, eating his ice cream. And he said, "Mom, my Dad is a nice boy." I said, "I think so, too, but why now?" And he said, "'Cause he got me this ice cream." So sweet!
Relaxing after lunch at the Magic Kingdom.

The delicious chocolate ice cream that caused all the trouble!

THEN, I learned another reason not to bring delicious chocolate covered ice cream treats into a public restroom. Sometimes, the chocolate falls of onto the floor. I look down and thought to myself, "Gross! I have to clean that up because everyone who comes in here will not know that we had 2 delicious, chocolaty ice cream treats in the bathroom." So I leaned down with a wad of toilet paper to clean it up. I tossed it over my shoulder into the pot. I did not get it all, so I kept working on it. When I was finished, I realized that the chocolate toilet paper had not all made it in. NOW I have to clean the potty because, folks, it ain't looking like chocolate!

David laughed at us when we got back and said, "I would have held them for you, but you rushed off too fast." You live and learn.

Another silly part about our day at the Magic Kingdom will be brought to you by Miss Jessa. We went to the area where all the characters are. We saw Mickey and Minnie's houses. They were most excited about this. They went running up to the house, so happy to meet Minnie and Mickey. Well, the houses are darling and look just like where you think your favorite mice would live. Jessa was so convinced that the house she first entered was Minnie's that she ran in the front door and immediately started calling for her at the top of her lungs. "Minnie!" "Minnie!? Are you home?" We were so tickled (as were many other visitors to Minnie's house)! It got funnier when her little brother started yelling for Minnie, too!

Looking for Minnie at her house.

Minnie was no where to be found! Oh No!!

Unfazed by their not finding Minnie at her house, they went running into Mickey's house, calling him, too! I think not finding them in their homes would have been way more upsetting if they had not found a big tent in Mickey's backyard with both of them waiting inside!! It was so cool! I swear, I was almost as excited as they were! It is like meeting a rock star, you know?

Chatting with their new friends, Mickey and Minnie!

OK. I think that is enough for today! I promise that I will try not to drive you all nuts with my many posts on this subject. But this was a big trip for us! We all had so much fun, and I want to share all of our fun. More to come. . .

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Mary said...

Oh, how fun! I love your stories and cannot wait for more! We are going to take Luke and Hayley to WDW in May. I can't wait. If you have any tips, let me know. Did you stay at shades of green?