Thursday, January 15, 2009

Guess what?!?

I will let the kids tell you. . .

Yes, we went on a BIG, yet spontaneous trip to Orlando. We could not prepare too much since we had no idea when David would be back or when he would have leave. David was a miracle worker and got everything booked and squared away in a matter of hours! He is the best!! AND thanks to Disney's new salute to the troops, David even got in completely free. And our tickets were greatly discounted. We never could have afforded it otherwise. Thanks Disney!

We left Ft. Stewart on Friday to go to Atlanta. We had to go to Mom's house "on the way" to drop off the animal children with Momma. After all, they are family members, too, but we knew they would have more fun at May's house!! Then we left bright and early Saturday morning on our way to the happiest place on earth. David and I had not been since we were little. We have wanted to take the kids before, but we held off. We wanted to wait until they were both old enough to enjoy it. Boy was it nice to go on a long trip with NO DIAPERS or PULL-UPS!!

Jessa has been saying since David left that we should go to Disney when he returned. Lots of fellow army brats that we know go to Disney "when Daddy gets back from Iraq." So to Jessa, that is just what you do. So when we made the big announcement that we were going, she was not at all surprised. After all, that was what she had been planning all along.

Do not take her lack of surprise for a lack of excitement. Jessa and Spencer were so EXCITED! Actually, we all were pretty fired up. David was really emotional just thinking about the prospect of taking them for their first Disney experience. And I had butterflies like crazy!

NOW, we were gone for several days of jam-packed, non-stop action. Which of course, makes for LOTS of funny and cute stories to share. And we all know how much I like to take pictures. Plus, David has his camera, so we were double trouble!! Seriously, I averaged over 125 photos per day with my camera alone. . . I know, I have a problem. And our Disney Photo Pass account was also full of photos. We definitely captured the moments. . .

So I am going to do a series of Disney related and Disney focused posts, OK? I am sorting pictures and trying to remember all the silly cute things that were said. So stay tuned for more information and exciting updates on the Key Family taking Disney by storm!

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