Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 5th of July!

Boy are we confused! We woke up in the wee hours of the morning on July 4th to the sounds of thunder. It was one heck of a storm!! The whole rest of the day was rainy and dreary and windy and sticky. And it rained and rained. And then later, it rained some more. The yard was wet and muddy. Our fun grilling out afternoon was nearly impossible. And the biggest tragedy was that the fireworks display that we were looking forward to was postponed! Now, we were lucky that the stormy, rainy 4th of July was a Saturday. This made it easy to shift the fireworks fun to Sunday night.
So we celebrated a Happy 5th of July instead.
I love the 4th of July: parties, great food, fireworks, and family. And I love any holiday that encourages patriotism and flag waving!! The past several years, my cousin Nikki has been visiting the mainland from Hawaii. It is always fun to celebrate with her. We also are usually in GA. Daddy ran his 29th consecutive Peachtree Road Race, and many times, David runs with him. (For those of you not from Atlanta, this is the world's largest 10K that is run each year on Peachtree through the streets of Atlanta.) Daddy is the founder of the Overseas Peachtree Road Races; he started one in Kuwait when he was there (he did not want to break his streak!). And since then, the race has grown to several in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Daddy ran 2 races in Kuwait, and then he has been on the starting line on Peachtree Street at Lenox Square each year to start the overseas races via cell phone. We have gone with him several years.
Our first trip to watch him start the Overseas Races: 2006.
Trip number 2, 2007.
Last year, 2008. Haven't they grown? Holy Cow!
This year Daddy started 5! And it should be noted that the Atlanta Track Club donates all the T-shirts and race gear and has it shipped to the loaction of the race. The runners get the same shirt as the 55, 000 in Atlanta. What an awesome way to support our troops!
We were sorry we were not able to be with him this year, but we sure are proud that he is such a devoted Peachtree Runner and race starter!!

So Sunday, we woke up to another overcast day, but no precipitation - whew!
The craziest part of all of this whole postponing the 4th thing, Daddy was in Atlanta to start races, run a race, and celebrate with Momma. BUT he also had time to drive 9 hours back to Scott AFB in time to celebrate the 5th of July with us! He must have felt like it was Groundhog's Day!
We had a delicious supper of kabobs, potatoes, and salad. And while I got dressed, David churned a freezer of homemade vanilla ice cream. We got the ice cream all fixed in to-go cups and headed to the fireworks.

Look at those rednecks jammed in there to see the fireworks!
It was very laid back and easy. We just went to the town where the show was scheduled and found a spot on the side of the road. We all crammed into the back of the van to see the awesome fireworks! Yay family fun and togetherness!

The only thing missing was a soundtrack. David searched for something on the radio, but he could not find anything suitable. So we all sang various patriotic songs. Jessa sang her own made up song, too. It was a disturbing and graphic sort of cautionary tale about getting too close to fireworks. I will not share it with you. You should thank me.

Spencer could not choose his favorite kind. He finally said that they were all his favorite! And he was so worn out, he fell asleep on the way home, bless him!

I took the picture after we were home -
Don't call DFACS, he was safely strapped in until we were home.
Happy 4th of July and also, Happy 5th of July!
God Bless America!
God Bless all the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines!
And God Bless all the families who support them!

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kate said...

Okay -- your sentence about Jesss's song made me laugh so hard I am crying!! I'm not kidding. I read it out loud to my co-worker (mark) too and he's cracking up as well. I really, really, really want to know the words to the song. :)