Monday, October 20, 2008

Headed to Hinesville

For those of you who might worry about me if you did not see a post for a few days (Michelle!), I wanted to let you know that momma, the kiddos, and the puppies and I are leaving for Hinesville this (Wednesday) afternoon. I will go to the housing office first thing Thursday morning to sign the lease for our new on-post housing. Yay!!

Jess is thrilled to be staying in a hotel for 2 whole nights. She already planned where everyone should sleep! And we have stayed at this hotel before (one of the only dog friendly ones in Hinesville), so we know it meets her basic hotel requirement - it has a fridge. And Spencer cannot wait to visit the ice machine. They are not too hard to please, are they??

We will spend Thursday hanging curtains (that I now have them thanks to my awesome friend Laura), putting contact paper in all the cabinets, and getting things ready. And then Friday morning, bright and early the movers will come and bring all of our possessions. Spencer will be thrilled to be able to stop saying "It's already packed" about everything that he wants. We will spend a few days unloading and doing some organizing, and then head back this way. Even though the house will be ours, we are still going to hang at Momma's until Christmas. We will unpack slowly on the weekends here and there, but I want the kids to be in school here until Christmas break (they are already rehearsing their Christmas Program -yay!). We all love it so much and there is no sense in hurrying down to Stewart without David, right?

Wish us luck with our new adventure!!

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Michelle said...

It isn't that I would be worried. I would be bored!!! ;) Have a safe trip!