Friday, October 17, 2008

Hoedown FUN!

Have I mentioned that I love our school???

Today was the annual Hoedown at our preschool. Boy did we have fun! I never want to miss fun days at school, so I was thrilled to be able to volunteer and help. The kiddos were all instructed to dress in their best farm attire (I even dressed up, too). This was a great excuse to go shopping! Mom and I hit Osh Kosh and were able to get them all fixed up. I LOVE doing stuff like this. And I also loved watching all of the cutie patooties, not just mine!

The classes all had turns participating in the activities. I got to spend time with both kids and their classes, but I still felt torn. I did not want to miss anything with either one. I wish I could split myself in two. Luckily, we got almost all of the good stuff in before the rains came. . .

There were TONS of games: horseshoes, fishing,
tractor races,

(David asked who won - Spencer's class was not sure of the objectives of the games, so there were no real winners. Jessa won the tractor. Her teacher wanted to give her a head start since she was racing a boy. She refused to move from the starting line. BUT she still won!)

horsey races,

bean bag tosses, egg races, hunting for animals in a haystack, petting baby goats,
and the favorite activity for everyone,

They started the hay rides with the 2 year olds. I rode with Spencer's class and another class who did not have enough grown-ups. I was planning to ride with Jessa, but the bottom fell out. I thought that hers was cancelled, so I was helping clean up the fellowship hall. When I finished, I headed up toward the office just in time to see Jessa's class pulling up from their WET and cold hay ride. Riding in the rain seemed like a good idea, but when it was over, Jessa was rethinking her decision.

At this point, she was more than ready to go home and as she put it "take a warm bath."

One more thing,
their school has a discovery room with lots of cool animals (birds, rabbits, fish, frogs). A chicken farmer donated a bunch of fertilized eggs to the school. The eggs have been warm and snug in their "inkakater" (as my kids call it) for about a week. And now they are hatching! It is so cool! They have a kiddie pool with hay, water, chicken feed, and a heat lamp all set up. The kids all got to name the eggs and are loving this process. To be honest, I have been stopping by the discovery room to check on the eggs everyday, too. What a cool, awesome learning experience for our "city kids!" I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but


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kate said...

Dana! My kindergarten class had eggs hatching as well and seriously, I still remember it VERY CLEARLY today -- LOVED it. Still do (obviously!) I'm so happy they have that!