Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Out of the mouths. . .

I have decided to create a special series of posts called "Out of the Mouths. . ." So whenever you see that title, you will know that I want to share things that they have recently said recorded before I forget.
I was planning to make brownies (cakes and cupcakes are not allowed) to take to Jessa's class for her birthday. We did not get back from Ft. Stewart until late on Sunday. We were so tired and had so much to do. I tried to make brownies from a recipe that I have made lots of times. At 11:15, I realized that they did not turn out well at all. While I was contemplating heading to Wal-Mart, Mom said, "Drop the kids off in the morning and go to Dunkin Donuts." So I did! When I walked into Jessa's class with 2 dozen assorted donuts, everyone was glad to see me. And Miss Penny said, "Jessa's mom brought a special snack." Jessa was beaming and I said "Jessa, why don't you tell the class why I brought a special snack?" I was fishing for her to announce that it was her birthday. But instead, she said, "You brought donuts because the brownies you made did not turn out good." Thanks, Jess!
And today, Jessa had some trouble on the playground. At her age, you know that each day they have a new best friend. They are always changing who they like and who is their favorite. So today, her BFF told her that she was not her BFF anymore. This was upsetting to Jessa. So when the teacher asked her what was wrong, Jessa told her about the little spat. The teacher tried to make her feel better and said something reassuring about friends having bad days or something. So Jessa said, "Well, in Proverbs 17 it says that a friend loves at all times." I guess she has been paying attention in Bible class, huh??
And it is true, but maybe not when you are 5. . .

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