Thursday, October 2, 2008

Two boys in the tub

Jessa made up a tub time game forever ago. It is hysterical to her, and she wants to do it almost every night. She has been driving Momma crazy lately making her come into the bathroom every night to see it.

It goes like this: I get their heads wet and all lathered up. Then I get her hair all wrapped up and stuck to her head. In her mind, she now looks like a boy. So the game is I have to act shocked and want to know what happened to Jessa. How did I end up with 2 boys in the tub? Which is where I call Momma (or David or Daddy or Mimi or anyone else in the house at bath time) to come running because I am so shocked to have 2 boys in the tub. It goes on for sometimes a long time with the whole "Do you know what happened?" "No, do you?" And we have to ask Spencer, "What happened to Jessa?" And behind a HUGE grin he says "I don't know!" Bless his heart, he always plays along with any and every game she comes up with. He even tries to be a different boy when his hair is lathered. And then he'll move it around and say "I Pencer again!"

Tonight, the game went further. When Momma came into the bathroom, I did the usual "where's Jessa?" thing.
And then. . .
Me: Excuse me little boy, do you know where my sweet daughter Jessa is?
And in a deep voice, she responds: No.
Me: Who are you little boy?
J (still in the deep voice): My name is Caden.
Me: Hello Caden! Where are you from?
J: Mexico.
Me: Oh, well, how did you get here Caden? Are you visiting?
J: No, my parents put me in a box and mailed me from Mexico to your house.
Me: (trying not to laugh) Really? Well, this may be a longshot, but I have a cousin Abby who is from Mexico. She lives on her Uncle Sherm's bull farm. Do you by any chance know her?
J: Uh, yeah, she is my next door neighbor.
Then they were so sweet to each other washing each other's feet. Not too sure what that's about, but I take ANYTHING that involves them being nice to each other and no one in tears!

Luckily, "Caden" was gone before it was time to get out and dry off. I only had one boy towel. And I doubt Caden would have liked to use the princess crown towel, what do you think??

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Wade & Brittany said...

Oh Dana, someday these bathtub pictures will be so much fun to use as bargaining tools or for sheer dating embarassment!