Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Spencer

I was thinking about all of the things that I usually post about. Many times, Jessa is in the forefront because she is always doing or saying something nuts. Her antics are usually the things that stick out in my mind, and they are the things that my few followers will get a giggle out of. Spencer is always mentioned because he is always in the middle of any and all things that are going on with Miss Priss. But so often, she is loud and in your face, so his preciousness is sometimes overshadowed.

My Spencer is a textbook 2nd child. He is more patient, more agreeable, more quiet - because he had to be. His sister demands a lot of attention, so he has always been content to sit back and wait his turn. He's always willing to be a follower and walk behind her. Sweet natured and able to entertain himself, that is my Spence.
Tonight, I wanted to take a minute to focus on my baby boy. Please do not take the lack of spotlight in any blog to mean that he experiences a lack of attention. He DOES not. I am the crazy, equality obsessed mother that will not buy a shirt for her without a shirt for him - even if he does not really need a shirt. I NEVER want one of them to feel like the are a "favorite" or more important. My mom has always been obsessed with making sure that Lucas and I felt that we were treated with equality. Even today, if she shops for me and the kids, she'll send him a check! Lucas and I BOTH tell her that we are not jealous of each other and don't even pay attention. She contends that the reason we are not jealous is due to her diligence at never doing more for one than the other. Maybe she is right. . .

I digress. . . SPENCER. He is such a sweet, easy going little force in all of our lives. He is a true peacemaker. No matter if he is right or wrong, he always ends up giving in to whatever Jessa wants. He just wants to make her happy.

And he is so polite. I never have to remind him to say "thank you" or "excuse me." He even cleans up after himself. He takes his dishes to the sink and usually throws away his trash. We got so tickled at him the other day. They were doing some pictures with those foamy stickers and the table was covered in the little back things that you peel off. Spence went and got the hand broom and dust pan. He climbed up in the chair and proceeded to sweep the little backy thingys into the dust pan, and then he climbed down and threw them all away. He even put the broom and dust pan back, and all without a word from us! Helpful AND creative, what a combo!

He also loves to play doll house and barbies with Jessa. I think that this bothers David and Bay on some level, but I really think that it is more about being interested in what his hero, Jessa is interested in. He LOVES the days that she is at school, and he is not. He plays with all of her stuff and no one yells at him! Thomas and all things train are his true passion, but Jessa is such a strong influence on him. He loves to watch the Barbie movies with her (I also LOVE the Barbie movies, too. They have such fun plots and good messages.) He is currently in love with Barbie and the Diamond Castle. His favorite character is Alexa, although he loves to pretend to be Lydia, the "bad guy." And there is a chick trapped in a mirror named Melody. Sunday we spent 30 minutes trying to help a compact escape from Lydia because he swore Melody was trapped in the mirror! His imagination is really coming into its own these days.

Spencer is a blessing in a house with a strong personality like Jessa. They are both precious and they balance each other so well! I am so lucky!
God knew what he was doing when he sent me my Spencer after sending me my Jessa. . .

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