Sunday, October 19, 2008


I am not sure how to spell the precious way that Spencer says "Pumpkins," but my attempt is "pohnkins."
The church of their school sells them, as did my church growing up. I always like to go to the pumpkin patch at a church for that reason. I fondly remember hours spent at the patch. It was a youth group project and Momma and Daddy were youth counselors, so it was a family event each fall. I can remember doing my homework in the bride's room at the front of the church while we spent weeknights at the patch. Good times.
Each fall, wherever we live, I try to find a church or any other outdoor place with pumpkins for sale. I want to avoid buying our pumpkin at Wal-Mart if at all possible! In Leesville, the most country place we have ever lived, we went to a farm and the hay ride took us out in the patch to pick out our pumpkins. I felt like Linus in search of the great pumpkin, and the kids LOVED it.

We have had trouble this year, though. We tried to go to the kids' school, but the pumpkins did not arrive on Friday as hoped. Our church youth group does not sell them the same way anymore, so we have been stumped! We decided to try Mimi and Poppy's church. This afternoon, I was trying to get them ready to go to Mimi and Poppy's house to go finally make it to a pumpkin patch. The kids were skeptical because we have already left the house several times heading to the pumpkin patch, but we have yet to actually visit one. So Jessa said, "I guess we should have just stayed in Louisiana." I said, "Oh yeah, why?" She said, "Then we could have just gone to the pumpkin patch like last year." She is right about the pumpkin patch, but I am glad we are not still stuck trying to sell a house!

We made it to Smyrna and had a lovely time at the pumpkin patch, I must say. At first, the babies just wanted to run up and down the rows. When David called and I told him that, he asked, "well, did you let them?" He thinks I am such a stick in the mud! I told him "YES!" They were not hurting anything and having lots of fun!

Mimi pointed out a "bumpy" one when we first walked up, so Spencer spent the entire time we were there scoping out other "bumpy" ones to show Mimi because he thought those must be her favorites. Such a sweet boy.

They posed for the pictures that I wanted and needed to have to properly document the occasion and keep my picture taking addiction at bay.

They were sweet, and we had a wonderful day.

They got stickers, and I am not sure why they decided to put them on their (as they call it) turtleheads, but I think it is a nice look, don't you??

The only thing missing was David. . . I always miss him more when we do traditional, seasonal family activities. Hopefully next year. . .
Missing our Daddy. . .

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