Tuesday, February 10, 2009

As seen on TV. . .

**David asked me what was the purpose of this post. I told him that I found it funny and I LOVE MY CRAZY FAMILY! So if you are reading along thinking it is pointless, I wanted to tell you my intended point up front. . .

A few years ago, my Daddy got a job that required him to move to Scott AFB, Illinois. Since their house in Morrow was paid for and Mom was situated, it was decided that she would just split her time between Daddy's house at Scott and their house in Georgia. Lucas's Lymphoma prevented her from being there as much as they had planned. All of this means that my sweet, precious Daddy has been "bachin' it" a lot.

Since he has been "on his own" for the first time in more than 30 years, he has had some fun figuring things out. He has been doing laundry and cleaning (a little) and grocery shopping. And he has been able to indulge his inner desire to order things that you see on TV. We have all wanted to, right? And I have realized that my Daddy's desire to order things may be genetic. I, too, have ordered things from the television.

Daddy is convinced that anything Billy Mays sells is GOLD! I am not sure what he ordered first, but it may have been mighty putty. We love some Mighty Putty! My Daddy is so nice, he even split his order with me.
You cannot see it "in action" because
it blends so seamlessly into the item you have used it on.

He is also a huge fan of the Swivel Sweeper. I have even accused him of collecting some sort of royalty every time he mentions the name. He gives a testimonial every time he uses it!! He ordered one for his house and for Mom's. Then, Lucas and David and I were so convinced by his ringing endorsement that Mom sent one to each of our houses. We are a 4 Swivel Sweeper family!
The best part is that the kids can use it -
I am all about child labor!

I am also the proud owner of a Ped Egg!! See, it is a genetic compulsion!
My feet are smooth when I use it, but the foot skin dust is gross.

The kids and I also ordered the Bugville Butterfly kit. LOVED IT! We are so doing it again when it gets warmer.
Those are the little caterpillars and a real butterfly that we raised! Aren't we amazing?

Daddy and I also enjoy the "As Seen on TV" section at drug stores or Wal-Mart. I have had 4 "Gophers" to help me reach things the kids drop while I am driving. (I have had 4 because they are not sturdy enough for me, but I love them to death :-)
I cannot show you mine as I am between Gophers at the moment.
But I can tell you that I always name them Gary.

Poor Daddy has been accused of only shopping for mom for Christmas on such a row at the drug store. Last year, he got her "Tater Mitts." I am not kidding!
Peel a potato in seconds (not hardly), but they did come with this handy french fry cutter for FREE!

This year, I gave everyone Debbie Meyer's Green Bags for Christmas. I love those things and they work SO well! Oh, and Jessa was the one who convinced me to buy them because she could quote the commercial. She was so happy when I finally bought them (am I raising a third generation "As seen on TV" addict??).
Daddy opened his last. He was so funny while we were opening presents.
He kept saying, "I cannot wait to open mine. I have some bananas that are going bad as we sit here!"

This year, (a few days after Christmas) Daddy and I were at Wal-Mart. We bought Aqua Globes
These are amazing! They can even handle finicky tropical plants!

and those detoxifying foot pads. And Mom, Dad, and I all tried the pads on our feet.

The first picture is the box with model feet.
The second is my foot and mom's foot on the right. We could be foot models, don't you think?

These are the results. They are gross, but we were not convinced they were toxins.
But if not toxins, what is that crud??

So in closing, the point of this post is threefold
(1) buying things that you see on TV can be fun
(2) sometimes they even work and
(3) my awesome family can make anything FUN,
from peeling potatoes to detoxifying your feet to vacuuming the floor!!

Whatever the case, I think our next purchase may be a Snuggie:


Mary said...

I giggled while reading the entire post! Love it! Oh, and my mom got everyone in my family Snuggies for Christmas this year. They are fantastic, just don't sit to close to an open flame (hehe).

danajk said...

Got it, no open flames! We won't wear ours when we are making S'mores!! Thanks - Jessa will be so thrilled!

Lauren G said...

I don't have your email address, but I would really like to pick your brain about baby schedules/routines. HELP!! My email is lgrossmanRN@yahoo.com. I am desperate for any advice!!
Write me!!
Lauren Eley Grossman