Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Visitors in the house

We are all so happy because my Mimi and Poppy have been visiting with us since Sunday afternoon. They were here for the Superbowl, and we are so happy that they are here with us for a short time.
When you have been married for almost 59 years, you do not have to sit together all the time.

My woodworking genius, Poppy built me a cool corner cabinet to make the most out of my kitchen. I looked for one to buy, but I did not have any luck. I do not have enough counter space or cabinets. I am so excited about my new kitchen. Plus, now that the cabinet is here, I was able to unpack the last 3 boxes in the kitchen! Whew!

New one on the left - doesn't it look great??
And the old ones are on the right,; they match pretty well, huh??

Anyway. We have been busy visiting with them. But I wanted to get a few things typed before I forgot them.

Jessa needed to go to the bathroom while we were out to eat. She tickled me because while we were in the bathroom, she explained how things work.

"Mommy, when I am at the table, my tee-tee has a stop sign. Then I go to the bathroom and my tee-tee gets a go sign." Very simple, don't you think??

At supper tonight, Spencer was singing a funny song. See, David makes up nicknames constantly. He and I call each other "D." (We have tried to trace its origin back through notes and cards, but we cannot figure out when or why it started. He even stumbled over my name at our wedding because when the preacher told him to say "I, David, take you, Dana," he almost said "D.") And he has a thousand nicknames for the dogs, the cat, the kids, and me. One of Jessa's nicknames is "Jessa juice." And he sings it sometimes to the tune of "Gin and Juice" by Snoop. So I thought I would lose it when my sweet baby boy starts singing, "Sippin' on Jessa juice" in perfect tune!! He proceeded to sing "Sippin' on Mommy juice and Daddy juice" throughout our dinner.

THEN, he totally cracked us all up in the car. We were all getting in and getting situated, seat belts hooked, car seats hooked, etc. And Spencer says, "Please keep your hands, arms, and feet in the tram at all times, and watch your children." JUST LIKE every tram ride or any ride at Disney. We all died laughing!! Then I said, "Spencer, can we eat or drink?" And he grinned and said, "No eating, drinking, or smoking while on the tram." I guess the safety instructions made an impression. Mom thinks he may have a career as the tram announcer at Disney. Not a bad gig, I guess. . .
We have been having lots of fun, and the kids have kept us all laughing!! The kids LOVE when they can "hang" with Mimi and Poppy. We are SO glad to be back in GA where we can see them more often. We hope they come again SOON!

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