Monday, February 16, 2009

Mommy's Night Terrors

My sweet and precious Spencer is such an easygoing kid. Just look at him. He is always the peacemaker with Jessa, and he is generally a happy go lucky little boy. He hardly gives me any trouble, except for some occasions in the middle of the night. . .

It all started several months ago after he potty trained himself. Before bed, we have the ritual - probably the same as many families. Before we hit the beds, we all go potty and brush teeth. Many times, they both claim that they do not have to ("Our tanks are already empty!" they say), but I always make them at least try. This usually results in their tanks being further emptied before we head in to their room. And for many nights, we all go to sleep and that is the end of that.

Just after Christmas, when we were still at Mom's, I awoke to a sound that no mother wants to hear. Spencer was hysterical, crying, and heading my way. I jumped out of bed thinking he was hurt or had fallen out of the bed or had a bad dream. I ran to pick him up. I held him and tried to figure out what was wrong, while also trying to quiet him down so that the rest of the house did not have to wake up with us. He was not even really awake. And about the time I thought he was calm, I felt something warm and wet. Yep, he peed on me! But he was already back asleep, if he ever woke up, that is. So we got all changed and I put him back to bed.

So the next time it happened, we were already at Ft. Stewart. I heard him upset and trying to get out of bed, I took off running. He was still half asleep, but I yanked off his pants and put him on the potty. Sure enough, he tee-teed. He never even opened his eyes! I got him dressed, picked him up, and put him back in his bed.

I probably should have warned Momma about this. When we were at her house a few days after we got back from Disney, he was sleeping with his May. He started crying and screaming, and she was trying to comfort him when he peed on her! And he never really woke up for her, either.

It really is scary when you hear your baby so upset! And he still does it - sometimes several times a week. I am just glad I figured out what it is. I guess on some level, he knows he needs to "go," but he just cannot wake up. At least if he is not going to wake up, he does wake someone up so we do not have to change the sheets a couple times a week!! Although I wish he could do it without the hysterics - I wake up with my adrenaline pumping every time! And it is much harder to go back to sleep after waking up like that- well, at least for me. . .
Last night, he just fell back asleep with us!

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