Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Who is old?

I made a noise the other day and Jessa said, "Mommy, don't make that noise. You sound like an old person." Now, I have NO IDEA what noise I made. Frankly, I wish I did because I do not want to make "old people noises," you know??

So this prompted me to ask her, in her opinion, who was old?

Before I tell you her answers, I must say that I always call myself "old" to them. Like, "Be easy with your old Momma," when they are jumping on me and hanging on me. Or, "Give your old Momma a minute," when they are shouting orders at me for hot chocolate or sandwiches or meatballs or a movie. So I was fully prepared for Jessa to start her list of "old" people with me.

Much to my surprise, she does not consider me old! So for any of you keeping track here is the list of people I asked her about with her answers:

Mommy, not old
Daddy, not old
Mimi, OLD
Poppy, OLD
May, old
Bay, not old (what, he is older than May!?)
Grandpa Harold, old
Joyce, not old (Harold's wife, and the same age as Harold)
Gramma with no glasses, old (that is what she calls Bay's mom because you guessed it, no glasses)
Uncle Danny, old
Aunt Karen, not old (she is older than Danny!)
Roy, old (Our dear friend, I think it is because of his hair. Although she keeps telling him if he'll just use more shampoo, his hair will grow back.)
Peggy, not old (Roy's wife, and our dear friend)
Lucas, not old

I cannot figure what criteria she used to determine these classifications. I guess I am just glad to be "not old," except that may get me out of doing things. Maybe if she saw me as old she would be more patient?? I am not sure.

But whatever the case, Jessa has spoken.

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