Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy HEART Day!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Valentine's Day! Many people feel that it is a "made-up" holiday by the card companies and florists and chocolate folks. Well, even if it is "made-up," I cannot think of a better reason than LOVE to make up a holiday, know what I mean??

And I do not think it is always about your significant other. My Momma and Daddy always used Valentine's Day to make us feel special and LOVED. I can remember going to breakfast and finding heart covered gifts at our spots at the table from Momma. So we headed off to school with warm fuzzies thanks to our Mom. And Daddy always came home from work with flowers for Mom and he also had one flower for me (I think he brought a balloon or candy for Lucas, but I am not sure). He always said me and Momma were both his valentine's! No wonder little girls are in love with their Daddies!!

David and I have always celebrated Valentine's Day, too. In college, he bought me goldfish named Romeo and Juliet. One year, he was headed to an army school in Kansas. When I opened my card, there was a plane ticket for him to come home and tickets to see Mama Mia. He is good at coming up with cool surprises. Plus, we have been able to take some trips since the army always has a holiday for President's Day which usually falls near Valentine's Day. A perk when he is not deployed. . .

BUT now that we have the babies, it is even more FUN! I love planning and finding gifts and wrapping gifts and coming up with surprises. Jessa has become quite good at cutting out hearts to help me decorate, so now they are even involved in decorating and preparing. What could be more fun? All week, when they share or are really sweet to each other, I would smile and say, "Y'all have the Valentine's Day Spirit!"
Jessa cut out all these hearts!
Jessa was an excellent baker's helper making our red heart cake.

One afternoon this week in the car, they were riding along watching "Thomas" on DVD. And Spencer said, "You know who I love?" And Jessa said, "No, who?" And Spencer said, "I love Thomas." Jessa then said, "You know who I love?" (I was fully expecting her to say "Emily" her favorite girl train.) And Spencer said, "No, who?" And Jessa said, "You!" I melted! Valentine's spirit!

I knew all of our planning and preparation would be worth it this morning when Jessa hopped out of her bed and came running in, bouncing up and down hollering "It's Valentine's Day!"

So here is a quick run-down (with corresponding photos, of course, this is my blog, after all!) of our special love filled, heart covered, day of LOVE!

We woke up to a decorated table and dining room (they helped some!)
Getting ready to start our LOVE day!
I made delicious heart shaped chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. Although we all ended up tasting the heart shaped cake, too!

Our heart muffins and our awesome cake!

The kiddos opened their cards from us. David opened his gift from all of us:

Our Gator fan with his Tim Tebow BCS jersey!
Then we got all ready for the great Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt! They waited on the porch with Daddy while I put up photo clues that would lead them to their "Valentine's Treasure."
The photo clues were shaped like hearts.
One of the clues placed in various places all over the house and yard.
What fun!!!

The "treasure" was a box with some small wrapped gifts AND a basketball goal just their size.
The treasure box and the basketball goal. We disguised it well, huh? HA!
We found it! Let's check it out!
They have been obsessed with basketball lately since David has been watching his Gators. Spencer even requested to watch basketball the other afternoon. (David beamed!) And I was tired of having a daily argument with Jessa when she begged me to cut the bottoms out of all my baskets in the house for her to use. I truly wish I could have captured Jessa's face when we got the sheet off. David and I thought the goal was not very well disguised, but I guess it was! They were shocked and excited! Spencer was, too, but Jessa's face was priceless.
My little basketball team!
We then had heart shaped sandwiches for lunch. Mmmm!

Just after lunch, the doorbell rang. And it was some gorgeous tulips for me!! David and the kids brought them in to me. So sweet!
Look at those faces. . .

For supper we had a fancy table with candles to eat out heart shaped homemade pizza.

We finished the day with a family movie night.

A day of family fun and togetherness. . .

All in all, it was a perfect day. So whether it is a "real" holiday or not, I enjoy any excuse to spend the day doing fun and special things to show my family how much I love them - which is a TON!

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