Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Day of School: The Third

God bless my poor babies, they are starting their third preschool this school year. I pray that we never have a year with this many "first days" again. They are such troopers, and I know that army brats are adaptable. But I feel that 3 schools, 3 classes, 3 teachers, 3 sets of friends may be excessive, wouldn't you agree?

We took a tour of our new school on Tuesday the 10th. I thought I would croak when we walked into the office for our 11:00 appointment. The office manager said, "Good Morning, I bet I know who y'all are!" And my sweet girl walked right up to this stranger and said, "I am Jessa. That is J-E-S- another S- and A. I have 5 letters in my name, and I am 5 years old." I smiled and said, "And I am Dana, and this is Spencer." Then once we went into the director's office, the director asked Spencer how old he was. He did not hesitate as he politely and clearly answered, "6." I NEVER know what to expect. . .

So this morning was their first day at this third school of the year. I think I was more anxious than they were. Spencer kept asking me if Miss Georgia would be there, and it broke my heart to tell him no. Jessa kept focusing on how much she could not wait to check out the playground. I just hope they get to play because it is supposed to be rainy and windy and cold today. Fingers crossed they at least try. . .

They WOULD not go to sleep last night. I think we are just off of our routine, and I am sure they are going to be little zombies this afternoon!! But despite our late night, we had a pretty good morning. Spencer had his favorite cereal straws (aka "crunchy straws") to start his day with a full tummy. He also wore "soft pants" which are basically sweat pants. I had some nice navy slacks laid out, but I decided I would not fight him. I wanted him to feel comfortable on his first day.

Delicious crunchy straws and Sesame Street to start the day

Jessa did not wake up good until we were almost out the door. And she said her tummy did not want to eat. I tried, I really did! So here they are about to leave before their third (and the Good Lord willing, last) First Day of this school year.
She was cold, so she could not smile.
And here they are about to head in to the building. Spencer was already saying, "Don't leave me." Yeah, Mommy guilt LOVES phrases like that.
Jessa was happier because she had her coat on now.
Spencer is less happy because he is anticipating my leaving.
We took Jessa first, since Spencer was not too sure. Jessa did not hesitate. She met her teacher, took off her coat, found her cubby - this chick knows how this school thing works! God bless her! I was almost in tears because she was so big and independent and confident. Miss V, her teacher showed her to her seat, and she plopped down and started to color her Mail Carrier (the letter they are working on is "M"). I took a quick photo, she hugged me, and I headed out.

Now to my poor baby Spencer's room. . . He wanted me to "holdsha" him (their term for me to hold them). So I carried my sweet boy to his room. He was a little clingy, but his teacher Miss Christina was so glad to see him. We checked out the room and put his things in his cubby. He located his favorite color on the color posters. He pointed out his letter "S" on the alphabet. He even found the "sholder" (soldier) on the career chart and told me he "looks like Daddy." So after a minute, Miss Christina took his hand and I took off running! He was crying (and the lump in my throat made it hard to breathe). So no pictures of him in his new class yet. . .

I will say that I had to drop off papers at the director's office, and as I passed back by Spencer's classroom I could not hear him crying anymore. (If only I could say the same for his mother!) Boy is it hard to be the mommy of army brats!

Here's to a great start at a new school and to never having 3 schools in one year again. Are you with me??

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MaryBeth said...

Oh bless your hearts!! I can't imagine 3 schools in 3 years... let alone 3 in one!! Hoping and praying that this school will be the best one yet.