Sunday, February 14, 2010

Date Night

Last weekend there was a "date night." We had planned it for weeks. We made sure David was going to be in town. We got reservations. David, bless him, even visited the florist to place an order.
The big day, Saturday, rolled around. We bathed and got all cleaned up. Hair was hot rolled. Hair spray was used. The perfect jewelry was selected. There was ironing - the perfect outfits had to look their best. Lint brushes were used. Everything was going well. Every one was about ready. And then at about 4:30 PM, the doorbell rang.

When we answered it, there was a handsome man standing on my front porch in a suit holding a single red rose and a wrist corsage.

We let him in, and he looked down at his date. His sweet daughter, Jessa.
She was all ready for her special date with her Daddy.
They were headed to a Daddy/Daughter Dance for Valentine's Day.
He put on her corsage.

They posed for a few pictures. And they headed out.

He opened her door and helped her in - such a gentleman.
Just the kind of guy I want my girl to date!
And they were off!

Then it was time for my date with my best boy, Spencer. He had chosen the perfect place for us to go. He wanted a place with balloons and milkshakes. He chose Red Robin. A very romantic choice, don't you think? We had been planning our date as long as David and Jessa had been planning theirs. But as we watched David and Jessa drive away, I looked down at him and he looked sad and even panicked. I inquired as to why he was so bummed. His lip quivered as he explained to me, "Mommy. I can't drive. How can I take you on a date if I cannot drive?" I tried in vain to explain to him that it was OK for me to drive us. He could not be swayed. He thought about it and finally came up with the perfect solution. We needed a driver. So, my sweet boy called up his Bay. He tried to explain, but Bay was not sure what he wanted, so I stepped in and said, "He thinks we need a driver for our date." And then Spencer hollered over the phone to him, "And I choose you, Bay!" Bay, ever the good sport, agreed to drive us.

A short time later, our chauffeur arrived. I sat in the backseat next to my date's booster seat. That is important on a date, you know, booster seats. I mean, safety first, right?

We had a lovely dinner at Red Robin.
We were actually nauseating - one of those couples who sat on the same side of the booth and snuggled and made google eyes at each other.
I am holding the flower that he got me.

AND my date was so nice. I did not get a picture, but he even let our driver/photographer eat with us! I love a man who is nice to the "help!"
We even toasted each other!
A romantic way to start the evening, wouldn't you agree?
OH! And the best part - My Date Picked Up the Check.
Our awesome waiter who played right along.

So what if it was actually my debit card, he was such a grown up taking care of everything!
Signing the "check"
Oh, and MY date dressed himself.
Do you love the socks he chose?
Maybe they belonged to his sister. Maybe they were sort of pink. BUT they had hearts, so he chose them special for our Valentine's Date. Ah, a date who pays attention to details! Every girl's dream!
David and Jessa had a great time, too!
David let her have her spaghetti with no sauce, just the way she likes it. And she danced her little heart out. David said he basically had to get out of her way and watch her in awe. She is more of a solo dancer - and the songs were rockin'. Not too many slow songs.
Jessa cut a serious rug.
For real.
What a cute couple!

It was a great night! And David and I got to spend some quality time with two of our favorite people in the whole world!

Gotta love Date Night!


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