Friday, February 19, 2010

Furry Friday - February 19

So I have already covered a first, introductory post for each of the furry babies that live in our house. So now I am going to introduce another furry baby that spends a lot of time at our house.

So, introducing

When Bay got this job here at Scott AFB, he moved up here to live in the house that the job provided him. Mom planned to spend lots of time up here, and in the beginning, she did spend a fair amount of time back and forth (until Lucas's Lymphoma, of course). But during the time that she was NOT here, Bay was terribly lonely. He kept saying he wanted a "Scott Scottie." Cooper, was of course hers. And he liked her having a loud, barky dog with her spending time alone. No, he was not going to take her dog, but he wanted a dog of his own. So she started searching Scottie rescues. He did not need a puppy. His schedule can be quite demanding, so he needed a dog.

May had no luck with rescues. So she started searching Humane Society websites. And lo and behold, right there in Clayton County, there was a 14 month old, female Carin Terrier. It was not a Scottie, but it was a Terrier. She needed a home. She was exactly what we were looking for. So right quick like, Momma got that Carin adopted. They called her "Rags" at the shelter. We were not crazy about that - we like real names for our pets. So actually Jessa came up with Abby (she was really into Chicken Little at the time), and they liked it!

Momma drove Abby and Cooper to Murfreesboro, Tennessee (about half way between their houses) for Daddy to pick them up. She was already planning to fly to LA the next week to stay with us, so Daddy took his new dog and Cooper back home with him.
And well, let's just say it was love at first sight.

Daddy is SOMETHING else with this dog. He calls her "darlin" and his "blonde bombshell." He is so nurturing and such a great daddy to her. His secretary even tries to schedule "Abby time" in the middle of the day so he can go and check on her. This is the same secretary that told Momma one time that getting Abby was "the best thing you ever did for that man."

She is the perfect dog for him. Seriously. She is very independent and very protective. He has a doggie door so she can go in and out as she pleases. And she spends most of her time outside. Oh and she barks. A LOT. The cutest part is that her barking is a lot to protect Daddy. At least that is what we think. If he is home, she barks. At airplanes taking off, at thunder, snow plows, squirrels, birds, UPS trucks, mailmen, you name it. BUT if he is on his way home, like in the front when any of these things happen, all you hear is silence. Bless her heart! She feels SO responsible for him.

And she does a great job protecting him and taking care of him. At night, if he falls asleep in his chair, she will wake him up when it is time for their nightly walk before bed. Since he got Abby, he does not accidentally spend the whole night in front of the TV anymore!!
She is fiesty. And she is scrappy - she has tried to attack all of the other terriers, BUT they all just sort of let her be in charge. That keeps the peace. It sort of makes sense. They are all boy dogs. And most men will just let the women think they are in charge to keep the peace, right? And the "fights" are always over food - she must have had to fight for food before we found her.

So that's Abby.

Quirky. Crazy. Precious.

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