Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Bay is going to speak to all the Kindergarten classes at Jessa's school this Friday. (I am certain it is a post in the making, so stay tuned!) But trying to coordinate the schedules of a very busy Army dude and 5 Kindergarten teachers has been challenging. I am the go-between since Bay has never met Mrs. K. There have been notes back and forth and phone calls.

Oh, and her school has this purple folder that goes back and forth everyday with papers, notes, newsletters.

So this morning, I wrote a note and put it in her purple folder. I needed to make sure Bay could bring a CD with pictures. Then this afternoon, when Jessa came home, there was a note in the purple folder from Mrs. K.

The first paragraph was all about the CD and pictures for the presentation.
Standard stuff.
Exactly what I expected.
Now the other paragraph.
That was where it got a little, um, funny.
Well, why don't I just let you read it for yourself:
I was shocked.

I ran into the den and said, "Jessa Lynn! Do you think that Mommy is having another baby?"
She had a rather sheepish grin on her face and said, "Well, no. But Mommy, can't we pretend?" I told her that we absolutely could pretend, but that it was best if we did that kind of pretending AT HOME. And that we did not share that with anyone at school or church or well, anyone outside of our immediate family.

Jessa has some interesting theories about babies. She thinks that David and I "got married" twice, so that is how we got 2 children. I am totally cool with my SIX year old thinking that is how it happens for now. Although, she did get confused when I told her we were going "on a date" for Valentine's. We went to a movie and dinner. But when we told her, she said, "Oh. So if y'all are going on a date, does that mean that you are going to have another child?" Uh, no. And I am not terribly comfortable with her downgrading the "thing" that has to happen to have a baby from "getting married" to "going on a date." But that is a problem for another day. . .

David is out of town, as usual, but when he called, I did congratulate him. He was pretty shocked, too. And if Jessa were correct about her little announcement, David would have quite a lot to say to a certain Urologist at Ft. Polk. . .

My Jessa needs to accept that this:
is the closest she is ever going to get to another baby in this family!

So now, tomorrow, I am going to send her purple folder back to school with a note explaining that I am most definitely NOT going to have another baby. And then I am going to have to make sure that everyone that may have heard her "announcement" gets the message.


MaryBeth said...

he, he, he! Too funny!!

Sarah, our last born by 1 minute, told me the other day that she wants to be a big sister when she gets a little bigger. She's in for a certain dissapointment.

The Stahl Family said...

That made me laugh out load...Jenn

kate said...

Hilarious! I'm just now reading this and I'm laughing some more!