Thursday, February 25, 2010

Post Office

I grew up hearing about this old game that people used to play called "Post Office." I actually have no clue what type of game this was, but in my head, I always lumped it in with games like Spin the Bottle. Anyway. It does not matter that I do not know what the heck that I am talking about because that old childhood game is NOT what this post is about. (Thank goodness, huh?)

Well, the post office thing that is going on around here is quite different. It all started when I bought several boxes of Christmas Cards for the kiddos. They both completed their cards and handed them out to their classmates. Of course, there were many cards and envelopes left over. Well, Spencer has kept them all and has become quite the letter and card writer.

It cracks me up, but his solution to everything now is to write a letter. He makes cards from scratch like this one:
He is too cute because he always writes "To" and "From" many times not in the correct spots. He is so funny because when he writes something, he writes "to" first, but not necessarily in the first spot. Does that make sense? Like when he writes May's name, lots of times he writes the M first, the A second, and the Y third. Now when you look at it, it looks like this:

He writes me notes ALL the time now. It is so sweet and precious. Most moms will know what I am talking about. When your child first says the words, "I love you, Mommy!" It is a magical. special moment. And every time you hear the sweet voice of your baby telling you that they love you, it is like music. It is absolutely priceless. Especially as they grow older and you get some "You ruined my life"s thrown in there!! But when they start writing you notes, it is just as special.
My heart melts every time I see this:

Now, my Jessa makes me cards or writes me notes here and there, too.
Here is a recent one that she gave me:

But with her, it is not a common practice. With Spencer, well, these days, he is all over it. He will go and sit at his table and draw, write, or color. And then he will come to me and ask for an envelope. (and he says is is pronounced "ahn-velope", not "in-velope") And he gets it all ready to go.

Sometimes it is to a friend at school:

Sometimes it is to May (written in the correct order this time):

Many times it is to me:

And the contents look like this:

or this:

I absolutely love my sweet boy!
Oh, and the other day, he had a doctor's appointment to recheck his ears (he was getting over a double ear infection). He was a doll, so cooperative and sweet. And once we were home, he was seated at his work station with paper and markers. And he asked me how to spell Dr. Shaw, his pediatrician. I told him. And he made this:

We had to put it in an ahn-velope and mail it to her at her office.

So these days, around here, the mail is way more exciting than your usual bills or penny savers. At least not now that Spencer has become a man of letters.

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Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Wow! If you can nurture that habit he will make quite a catch as a husband some day. :)