Monday, February 22, 2010

A new chapter

Kindergarten is way different than when I went. I have a few vivid memories. Like we tasted stuff with a blindfold once to decide if it was salty, sour, or sweet. I also remember these blow up letter things for each letter of the alphabet that came to visit us each week. And I liked it. My teacher was nice.
Fast forward 29 years, Jessa is doing geometry and fractions and sight words and computer lab. It makes my head spin. I mean, my unbiased opinion as her mother is that she is really smart. And I am a great judge, right? (hee-hee!) But I am in awe of all the stuff that they are doing - and that she is retaining.

She was the class librarian a few weeks ago. She got to bring a book and read it to the whole class. She practiced it all week. She even called and read it over the phone to May and Bay. She was so excited! She got to sit in the big chair and even use the microphone. I was so proud and impressed.
And recently, when we read stories at bedtime, she is reading to me and Spencer. It is incredible. I mean, I know that all kids learn to read and she is not unique in that. But she is MY first baby to learn how to read. So TO ME, she is remarkable and brilliant and incredible!
She is so proud of herself and doing such a fantastic job. And she loves it. She enjoys it. She wants to keep at it and get better.

I love nothing more than to be in her bed at night with both of them in my lap, listening to her sound out and "attack" words she does not know. I love watching how confidently she reads her "popcorn words" that she has learned so well. It is so special and so amazing.

Now, we have embarked on a new era. She has picked out her first chapter books. Yes, chapter books! We told Bay, and he asked, "What's a chapter book?" Oh Bay! Jessa could not believe that he was so behind the times! I picked out Junie B. Jones for her. I think she will LOVE those. She is not too keen on this series yet, but I think once we read it, it will win her over. She chose Ready Freddy. Her teacher's son reads them, so her teacher sometimes shares them with the class. She cannot get enough.
And they both hang on every word. They get so bummed when I tell them that is enough for now. I mean we cannot read all night, can we?!
I am so excited about this new chapter, chapter books, a kid who can read, oh my!

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