Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Drinking game for this post: Take a shot every time I typed the word Snuggie.

So, when I wrote about all of our fun discoveries in a post called "As Seen On TV", I closed with a commercial by Jessa. It was only a matter of time. Yes, she wanted a Snuggie.
And it seems that Snuggies really are all the rage. Even still. This year I saw many friends Christmas Pictures on Facebook with various family members all snuggled in with their Snuggies. My grandparents even bought one for each other this year - and if that is not love, I don't know what is.

Well, Daddy got a Snuggie for Momma and me this year. I was really excited. See, I am always wishing my arms could be warm while my hands are free. Really. Like snuggling with the kiddos and reading books - I NEED my hands, but my arms are cold. And our house is freakishly hot upstairs, so I have to keep it cooler downstairs so that no one suffocates at night (like poor, bald Stewart). Anyway. Yay, Snuggie.
I had a hint that Daddy was planning to pick up a few Snuggies for Christmas, so I was inspired. I decided to order the kids each a Snuggie and David and Daddy a Snuggie. The kids could have the small precious children's version. And Daddy and David could have the Collegiate Snuggies for their respective teams. Awesome Christmas gifts, right?

So I did not think of this before mid-December. And by this point, I was so frazzled and beginning to develop the pain that landed me in the hospital. So when I tried to order kids Snuggies, I meant to order ONE pink and ONE blue. And that day they were running some sort of special, buy one get one. Well, I swear that I ordered one of each color, but just before Christmas I got a box with not 1, not 2, but FOUR PINK Children's Snuggies. Luckily, Momma was on the ready and found one at a drug store in blue for my boy. So the kids got their own Snuggies:
And the same day that I really screwed up the kids order, I also ordered from the Collegiate Snuggie website. And I hurriedly picked a University of Georgia Snuggie for Bay and a University of Florida Snuggie for David, or so I thought. And these were back ordered, so I did not even expect them before Christmas. Well, on January 8, I got a box from Collegiate Snuggies. On top was a lovely red University of Georgia Collegiate Snuggie for my Daddy. Perfect. And then I reached into the box to discover a maroon FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY Snuggie for my David. Uh. Oh no. Not only is it wrong, but it is in-state rivalry, pure hatred bad. What to do!? Well, those Snuggie people are nothing if not accommodating. OK, so they don't answer the phone that much, but they do answer e-mails. I got that fancy number that they make you have to return things and within about a week and a half, I had another box from Collegiate Snuggie. I sent them the evil, mistake FSU Snuggie and they swapped it for a lovely U of F one. Whew!

You might think that I am burned out on Snuggies after all of this Snuggie hullabaloo. But I am not. I still love those suckers. And I must say that David is using his A LOT. He swears it is because his computer chair is in the "coldest spot in the whole house." That has not been ratified and accepted by everyone in the house, but whatever the case, he is cracking me up. He sits with his Snuggie on all evening.

I haven't gotten a picture yet, but when he has to get up to walk around or go to the bathroom, he slings the front part over his shoulder so he can walk without getting his feet tangled. Now that is a sight.
We're all snug here in our Snuggies, how about y'all?

Also, are you drunk?? SNUGGIE!

P.S. Oh and do you know anyone who needs 3 pink children's Snuggies??

They come with free socks. . .

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