Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Day of School, Part Deux

Apparently part of being an Army Brat in an Army Family is having multiple first days of school in one school year. Or at least it is for the Key Family this year.

We are almost settled in our temporary home at my Mom's in Atlanta. I unpacked the car twice (Poppy brought a van load of stuff with him, so after I unloaded once, I picked up that load and did it again). The kids are all unpacked, I always take care of them first, and then there is me. I am still living out of suitcases, but I plan to remedy that soon.

Before we left Louisiana, I found a preschool and Momma helped me enroll then long distance. There was lots of scanning and e-mailing forms and mom even paid the registration fees (thanks, mom!) It is WONDERFUL! The school is so awesome, and they were so helpful and welcoming. The facility is so great and so kid-friendly. They have t-shirts in different colors for each class. And I am so blessed to have found such an awesome place where my kiddos can go.

Jessa has been very excited about her new school. She told me that she knew she would have friends there, but she did not know their names. But she was not worried about that because she was SURE that her teacher would tell her all of her new friends names. Spencer, who never loves the idea of school as much as Jessa, has not said much.

So we went to school this morning for our second first day of this school year. I LOVE THIS PLACE! Everyone knew us already! We walked in the office in a row, Jessa, Spencer, and me, and the secretary said "This must be Jessa, Spencer, and Dana!" Jessa got to feed the fish in the office and was so excited. We headed to Jessa's class first. They already had her name on the door, bulletin board, and at her spot at the table. And the teacher, Ms. Penny was waiting for her and called her by name immediately! She loved her classroom and as the other kiddos started arriving, she barely looked up to tell me bye.

Next we headed for Spencer's class. He was not as excited as Jessa, and his usual M.O. is that he cries when I leave, but is ok pretty quick after I am gone. His teacher Ms. Georgia was beyond excited to see him. He also already had a cubby and his name was on the bulletin board. It even said "Welcome to our new friend Spencer" on the door! He was less than happy about my leaving, but Ms. Georgia grabbed him and I ran for the door.

When we got back to pick the little boogers up, I could not wait to see them. Jessa cried because she did not want to go home. So I left her while Mom and I went to get Spencer. He ran to us, so happy to see us. But Ms. Georgia said he only cried 2 minutes and was fine. He was a good boy and has them all snowed after 1 day. They think he is so precious and listens and behaves. All I can say is that I am glad that is the way he behaves at school! Ha!
I finally had to drag Jessa out of there. She caused quite a scene! At least all the staff was happy because she liked it so much that she did not want to leave. Maybe tomorrow she will have a good day and also want to come home with me. . . I can hope!
What is it with us and rain on the first day of school???
*****HOUSE UPDATE*****
We have someone interested in our house. Fingers crossed that it works out! They want to rent until their house sells and then buy. I was nervous about making this huge decision, but David, Daddy, Poppy, and Momma all think it is a win/win situation. They are hoping to move October 1, so everyone keep sending positive thoughts! OR if you know anyone else who is looking for a lovely home in Louisiana, let me know! Hee-hee!


MaryBeth said...

I can't imagine having multiple first days of school in one school year! How traumatic... sounds like the kiddos are incdredibly adaptable though. Glad you liked the new place!

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