Friday, September 19, 2008

thanks to kate

So one of Lucas's best friends is Kate. I call her my friend-in-law because Lucas brought her into the group. Anyway, she did this "tag" thing on her blog last week. It was pretty funny. If you are "it" you have to come up with 10 strange-ish things that people may not already know about you. She said she was not officially "tagging," but I thought it would be fun to try. So for the past few days, whenever I was driving or going to sleep, I have been trying to come up with some things.

Here is my attempt:

1. I have a weird number thing I do in my head. I do it with phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers, and groups of numbers. I like to figure out ways to make them "add up" of have a pattern. David's social is awesome, but I should not type that as my example. I will tell you that I love my mom's address because it is 2873. 2+8=10 and 7+3= 10, so 10=10 WOW! And my last address was 567, which I like because it is like counting.

2. I cannot get pedicures because I will not let anyone touch my "pinky" toe (or for clarification for those like my Daddy who call their toes "pigs," I am referring the wee-wee-wee one). At times, I have even had to put a band-aid on it to keep it from touching other toes. David is not even allowed to touch it, and this hurts him deeply.

3. I cannot eat chicken on a bone, with a bone, near a bone. Only boneless. The bones make it too real.

4. I don't like stores or signs or anyone who misspell things to be cute. I do not like "drive-thru" or "Peeches." I also cannot stand that "Toys "r" Us" has a backwards "R" in it. I could have called my blog the krazy key family to be cute, but I am firmly against that. I also have to spell out all the words in a text message. You will never see me use the abbreviations "LOL" "OMG" or any others. (I do not even know anymore - maybe that just makes me old)

5. When I was a little girl, I once wet my pants at six flags. My resourceful family just surrounded me while we headed to ride Thunder River so we would all be wet.

6. I call all small things "baby." Even if they are not actually "babies," like a small french fry, a small dog, a small item of clothing, a small car, they are all "baby ones." I also use a small, annoying voice when I call them "babies."

7. I have never tasted guacamole, zucchini bread, or carrot souffle, but I KNOW that I do not like them.

8. I still feel guilty about the time when I was little that I did not want Lucas to sleep in my room and he spent the night on the floor in the hall outside my door. I was too scared to close my door, so I tacked up a scarf. I was so mean, and I am still so sorry.

9. I do not consider myself superstitious, but I cannot let the volume on the TV or radio stop at 13. 12 is fine, 14 is fine, but never 13.

10. I love lists! I usually make a list in the morning while I am drinking my coke (I still can't do coffee). But as the day wears on, if I do something that was not on the list, I actually go back to the list and write the thing I just did in so that I can check it off, too! I have to get credit for all that I do, right?

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