Sunday, September 28, 2008

I miss football. . .

What? Isn't it football season? Are there not games going on several days out of every week? Am I living under a rock? Well, it is in fact football season, but that does not change my original statement: I miss football.

Allow me to elaborate - David LOVES football. Not just LOVES it, he's obsessed with it. I mean, he would marry it, if he could! He amazes me at how many stats and players and big games and game-changing plays that he can discuss intelligently. I always laugh at how "boys" can always bond over sports. Even guys that have never met can usually "chew the fat" about football. But David takes it to the next level. He REALLY LOVES football. And although Florida is his team, he can and does chat about anyone else's team, too.

Some jerks were looking at our house (which contains a crazy amount of Florida paraphernalia in almost every room). They were LSU fans. And they were outspoken about their hatred of Florida. Of course, I had to smile and ignore them because as you know, I was trying to sell a house. The husband finally said to me (as though I was an idiot) "We are LSU fans." And I said, "It is a shame that my husband is not here. He may be a fan of Florida, but he is more importantly a fan of the game. He would have loved to meet fellow football fans, regardless of your team." And as much as I said it to make the a-hole shut up, I meant it and it was absolutely the truth.

So David is my major connection to football. And because of him, we are all Gators fans (and football fans) by default.

Yes, the dog has a Gators Jersey. Baby Jessa and David in matching shirts.

And Spencer sporting a gator hat hours after birth!

And when he is not here, I miss it. I miss him knowing who is what rank and who is playing who. I miss knowing the scores. Yes, I could watch the games myself, but truthfully, I am not that into the actual watching. It is way more fun to get the info from him, as he excitedly tells me with a gleam in his eye. I do like planning the food to have his buddies over and watching him enjoying every minute of the games. I miss planning our weekends around what time the Florida game is, and other top 10 games, and other SEC games, ok, basically staying home on Saturdays for the season.
Jessa, Spencer, and I were invited to the home of some old friends this weekend. My friend from NGC, Michelle and her husband (and UF grad) Jason had a mini-reunion for some NGC buddies. It was so wonderful to see everyone and just hang out. We all had so much fun, and the kids were decked out in their Gator Gear (even if the game did not go so well. . .)

This pic was taken earlier, they would not cooperate yesterday. . .

Watching the husbands made me miss David. All the husbands were watching football, having a few beers, talking about the game, and in their own little football world. That is the world where David lives during the fall when he is not deployed. That is where I wish he was right now. . . Even if he were sitting in the corner with his headphones on watching like 3 games at the time on his fancy computer and totally ignoring me, I would like to just be able to look at him. And my heart would smile because he would be so happy. So when I say I miss football, that may just be code for I miss David. . .

At the Peach Bowl in 2004, doesn't he look like a kid at Christmas!?


WadeH said...

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Go Jackets! (and Florida)!

danajk said...

Wade this is very true. David and I can bond over our mutual hatred of UGA!! The friend's house that we went to with the UF husband ended up graduating from Tech after NGC. She said that they literally met by teasing a colleague from UGA!
Go Jackets! Go Gators!