Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunny Days Sweepin' the Clouds Away

Yes, we went to Sesame Street LIVE today. This was Jessa's 3rd, and Spencer's 2nd trip to the big show. This year the theme was "When Elmo Grows Up," and it was as fun as ever. Yes, I enjoy the Sesame Street shows as much as they do. Momma was the lucky other adult that got to go with me, and she loves Sesame Street, too! We know the words to all the songs and sing along and love every minute of it.

The day started off badly because I made the critical parenting mistake where you tell the children too early that you are going somewhere fun. They were dressed in their old Sesame Street Live shirts before noon. Jesa called it "Elmopalooza." The show was at 4:30. We did not plan to leave until 3. So for 3 LONG hours, we were telling them "not yet" and "soon, I promise" and "when the little hand is on the 3."

We FINALLY (according the the children) left. We got there right on schedule and the excitement was in the air. I love watching all the families with their kids heading in. I love watching my kids heading in - taking in all the sights and sounds.

We made it in and proceeded to spend a lot of money on popcorn, cokes, a pretzel, t-shirts, Elmo light spinny things, and cotton candy. We found our seats, and soon Big Bird's voice was telling us it was almost show time. I love that the kids (ALL the kids) know immediately without seeing anything that the voice that they hear is Big Bird. They all scream, "BIG BIRD!" And once the show starts, all the kids scream and holler and actually talk to the characters. It is like a rock concert to a teenager or an adult.

I was thinking that of the 2, Spencer would have a better time and be more "into" it. I was WRONG! Jessa was singing along and so excited. Spence on the other hand. . . he was focused and did not take his eyes off of the stage, but he would not smile! And if he heard me or mom singing it made him MAD. You can tell from the pictures that he was not too sure, but he never acted ugly or even wanted to get up. I guess he likes to keep me guessing!

I did catch a Spencer smile, but it made him even madder.

I would like to take one minute to tell you how much I admire the performers. I am sure it is not exactly the dancing gig they were planning on, but they are incredible to me. I know it is probably hot and miserable in the costumes. And they had already done a show today, yet they were full of energy and so patient with all the kids who swarmed them whenever they came into the aisles. They impress me so much. And I always have a positive view of any adult who wants to do anything for children. Once an actor performs a voice in a cartoon or visits Sesame Street, I love them forever!

Through Spencer's pouts, his favorites were Oscar and the train.

Jessa was most excited to see Abby Cadabby; she could not wait to see her because she was not in the last 2 shows she saw.

There is an intermission about half-way through. These Sesame Street people are smart. At every show we have ever attended, they come out with HUGE Elmo balloons at the break. These balloons cost $8.00 EACH. This becomes a big deal when you have more than one child. And you cannot say "no" because all the other kids have one. David had a big problem with this at the last "Elmo show" we went to. His main concern was that Jessa never lets us tie it on her arm. And yes, moments after David forked over the $16.00, and moments after the balloon man was gone, Jessa let hers go. There were tears, and David swore NEVER again would he buy one. Well, it was Momma's treat! And we counted at least 15 balloons on the ceiling. I feel the pain of those parents, luckily today, it was not actually my pain.

Even a huge, over-priced balloon did not make Spencer smile.

Jessa was so overly cautious today that it was tied to her belt loop, her arm, and she made me hold the end of the string "just in case."

All in all, we had fun. And if nothing else, we enjoyed the variety of ugly faces that Spencer managed to make. He may need botox in his forehead just from the furrow in his brow this afternoon!

Is that a smile on Spencer's face? Yes, oh, he is smiling as he waves "bye bye Oscar." Nice timing, son!

Jessa is ever so proud to have held on to the balloon this time. Maybe she learned her lesson last time?

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