Friday, September 5, 2008

Things overheard in the bathroom

So the packers came today.
The move is upon us.
They packed our estimated 12,300 lbs. almost all in 8 hours. I pray that their speed did not result from carelessness. . . It was a LONG day. With the hurricane business over the weekend, I was behind where I normally am in my preparations for their arrival. This caused me to get up at 5:30 this morning to try and get tons done while the babies were sleeping. The day began with arguments over packing shampoos and lotions if they are sealed in plastic bags and whether or not they would ship Rubbermaid tubs with things in them. There was a very tense standoff between me and the packers. I was in tears (in private - I cannot appear weak in front of the enemy) before 9 AM. BUT the day ended up going better than I thought. I even ended up enjoying the packers. Mom and I bought them lunch and gave them lots of drinks (hoping to endear ourselves to them so that they will practice extra care with my worldly goods). Whatever the case, it was a long and stressful day for all of us.

Mom and I got freshened up and got the kids cleaned up and went out to eat. We have precious few places to eat out in our little town, so we went to one of them. We had a nice supper; the kids were nice and we all enjoyed our supper. It was over and we had paid the check and Jessa had to potty. Sometimes, she just wants to check out the bathroom, but you always have to take it seriously, just in case. And this is the cause of the much needed comic relief that the babies never fail to provide.

Jessa, Spencer, and I are in the bathroom of our little steakhouse. It takes several minutes to choose a stall, as is the usual M.O. As she headed in, I noticed her pants were dirty.
Me: "What happened to your pants?"
J: "They got dirty. Mom, it happens."

So she picks the stall and insists that Spencer go in with her. He agrees. So then I cannot see them, but I of course am listening. It starts with her telling him a joke.

J: "What does Spencer do with Sir Topham Hat:
S: "I don't know, what?"
J: "Spencer rides with Sir Topham Hat:
Hilarious laughter.
(they are both adept at making up crazy jokes that make no sense)

J: "Spencer, I have a surprise for you."
S: "OK, what?"
Me: "What is going on?"
S: "We kissing!"

J: "I have to poop."
S: "OK, Jessa."
J: "I just pooped"
S: "Can I see?"
J: "OK."

Me: "Jessa, HURRY!"
J: "Mom, I think that there is more tee-tee on the loose. And there may be more poop on the loose!"

Mom finally came in after us because the waitress had asked her 10 times if she was OK. 25 minutes after we headed to the bathroom, we finally left.
I am not sure after rereading this if the humor is evident in the retelling. I am afraid you had to hear it to truly feel the funniness. Or maybe I am biased. . .
More to come on the big MOVE!

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