Monday, September 22, 2008

what makes them tick?

Over the weekend, Jessa decided to pretend that she was Mrs. Puff and Spencer was Spongbob. For any of you out there who are Spongebob fans, you know that this means that she is the driving instructor and Spencer is the student. After we got the "4-wheeler" as they call it, Jessa has been the primary driver. Spencer tried once to drive, crashed into the wall, and was finished. Jessa refused to ride if he was driving anyway, so it worked out well. We got it just before David deployed, so we have had it since the end of April.

So until this weekend, Spencer has been content to ride along. But now, he has the taste of the power being the driver provides. Now, he is not much better at the whole driving thing. I try to keep it in low gear since I pretty much have to run along side of him to keep him from running into trees.

**Note he has on no pants. He was serious about wearing big boy underwear this weekend, so he was pantless to make potty runs easier.

Mrs. Puff quickly disappeared, and we were blessed with Abby.
Jessa said, "Hello, I am Abby. I am Spencer's cousin from Mexico."


J: I am here visiting from Mexico.
Me: Oh, really.
J: Yes, I live on my Uncle Sherm's farm there.
Me: OK, what kind of farm is it?
J: It is a bull farm. My Uncle Sherm has lots of bulls.
Me: How many?
J: Oh, lots, too many for me to count.
Me: What are their names?
J: Too many for me to name. Uncle Sherm has lots of bulls.
Me: Well, I am glad you are visiting, Abby. What do you miss the most about Mexico?
J: I miss my friends and my Uncle Sherm.
Me: I am sorry.
J: (Holding a stick) I brought this tree from Mexico. I want to plant it to remind me of my home.
Me: OK.

So she buries the end of the stick in the dirt and covers it with a small washcloth.

She then sits on a branch and sings songs (I was not allowed to get close enough to hear the words) about how much she loves and misses Mexico.

J: Do you want me to show you something the bulls taught me?
Me: OK
J: I can run fast like the bulls.
And she proceeds to rub one foot back and forth in the dirt and makes a snorty noise and takes off running!! Just like a bull. . .

In a few minutes, she comes back over.

J: Hi, I'm back. Was Abby here from Mexico?

I cannot believe the things that they come up with. . .
Spencer still wants to drive all the time. . . Mrs. Puff aka Abby aka Jessa created a monster!

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Mary said...

So cute! Love your blog, Dana! Hope you guys are doing well.